Tuscan Iron Doors

Heavier doesn’t always mean more durable. Sometimes lighter is better!

Laminations® solves company’s packaging problem with light, but durable, paperboard

It’s a manufacturer’s nightmare. You build a magnificent product, package it up for transport and ship it out. Then comes the dreaded phone call—your product has arrived damaged. For Tuscan Iron Entries, a manufacturer of custom-made ornamental iron doors, doors that can weigh in excess of 1,000 pounds, this scenario was playing out way too often, and it was beginning to keep its owners up at night.

The solution, however, wasn’t adding heavy packaging materials. In fact, it was just the opposite. The solution was laminated paperboard from Great Northern Laminations.®

The problem Tuscan Iron was experiencing stemmed from the sheer size and weight of the doors themselves. They believed the protective packaging had to be equally substantial so they were using heavy metal racks and wooden crates. With all that weight, the shippers would often drag the crates with a forklift, wrap chains around the door frames or pull a whole crate by the door frame, sometimes leading to significant damage. High material costs and the time it took to construct the packs were also causing concern; it would take two workers a full day to pack a door for shipment.

Great Northern Laminations® representatives assessed the challenge and came up with a solution. Using Laminations VBoard®, PF PalletTop® and FlatBoard,® they wrapped each door, added strategically placed foam cubes, and banded the doors to the frame to keep all the pieces upright. Finally, the entire pack was covered in a white pallet wrap, preventing anything from getting inside the frame.

With Tuscan Iron’s previous packaging process, for every 10-12 doors shipped, they’d get at least one call with a problem. So far with Laminations, they haven’t had any calls about damage. Assembly time for the packs has gone from 16 hours to six hours, and they’re saving 50 percent on their packaging materials costs. The use of paperboard has also cut their shipping weight on each pack by 10 percent to 15 percent.

It’s better protection. It’s faster to package. The packaging materials take up less storage space in their facility. And it’s an environmental hit.