What To Consider for Your E-Commerce Packaging

Packaging to Prevent Damage from Shipping

E-commerce sales are accelerating at a high rate which is creating new opportunities for many. However, shipping via e-commerce increases the risk for product to be damaged during transit. It has never been more important to protect products throughout the supply chain – from warehouse to doorstep. You need to have a package design that can withstand the rigors or cross-country shipping. Check out our packaging guide for a few things to take into consideration when choosing your corner and edge protection supplier.

Strength of E-Commerce Packaging Materials 
The last thing your end-user wants to see when their delivery arrives is a damaged box. Appropriate corner and edge protection plays a big role in preventing damage to your shipping boxes. Make sure your package is optimized to provide superior protection and has the strength to withstand the potential conditions and hazards that could be encountered.

Package Design for E-Commerce Businesses 
Edge protection is an easy-to-use solution that can be customized to protect just about any type of package, no matter the size, weight, or application. Not only does the right edge protection lower cost by significantly reducing damage and returns, but it also increases customer satisfaction and repeat purchases to create strong brand loyalty. Our solutions utilize more effective designs to achieve the same amount of product protection while using fewer packaging materials than alternative options.

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Ensure Product Protection
Making sure your product can withstand potential conditions and hazards that could be encountered throughout the supply chain and delivery can be a challenge. We have the expertise to test your solution to ensure your product is protected through the last mile. As an APASS member, we’re trained to support Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging standards and can test package integrity in our ISTA 6 certified laboratory.

Environmental Impact
Consumers are placing a higher focus on eco-friendly packaging than ever before, which is requiring new packaging designs. Sustainability means reducing the amount of product packaging, increasing the amount of renewable materials and using less energy in manufacturing and shipping. Our packaging solutions are made from 100% recycled paperboard and are 100% recyclable – making it easy and hassle free for your customer to dispose of.

Learn more about our e-commerce corner and edge protection solutions to help your products arrive damage-free the first time.

E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

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