Packaging for Industrial Equipment

Heavy industrial equipment can be difficult, and expensive, to ship. Our VBoard® edge and corner protection products can be used to protect industrial equipment while reducing safety concerns, labor, and overall cost.

Laminations’ two most popular products for shipping industrial equipment are:

SURECrate™ is a comprehensive, turnkey alternative that is ideal for any heavy, hard-to-box items and can be customized to the precise needs of each solution. SURECrate has been used to protect a variety of industrial products such as industrial conveyers, valves, laths, pool lifts, and commercial refrigeration systems.

UCrate® is a lightweight, yet highly durable, protective packaging option that provides substantial strength and enough flexibility to provide shock absorption capabilities. UCrate™ has been used to protect a variety of replacement parts for heavy industrial agricultural, material handling, or shop equipment.

To find a solution for your particular challenge, contact our packaging experts today.