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VBoard Anchor

At Great Northern Laminations®, we pride ourselves on developing the most innovative packaging solutions to help operations improve efficiency, maximize product protection and increase cost savings. Our comprehensive range of VBoard packaging solutions provides flexibility and adaptability that few other packaging products can match. To add extra protection and maximize efficiency even more, choose our VBoard anchors, which quickly and easily attach directly to many of our other VBoard products.

How VBoard Anchors Work

Our pallet anchors work well with most palletizing applications that use VBoard for corner or edge protection. These anchors help protect and stabilize your pallet loads by ensuring the VBoard stays in place. Your workers can use the anchors by placing them between layers of boxes or stapling or nailing them to the bottom of a pallet and placing VBoard into the slot.

Benefits of VBoard Anchors for Pallets

Choosing VBoard pallet anchors from Laminations for your warehouse or shipping operation allows you to experience benefits like:

The product’s slits and openings are compatible with most VBoard calipers and sizes.

Pallet anchors allow machine operators to stand clear of banding and stretch wrapping, increasing employee safety.

VBoard anchors help eliminate the excess tail that ties to the pallet runner to optimize shipping preparation and minimize waste.

Pallet Anchor Applications

Pallet anchors from Laminations are an excellent choice for many applications that utilize our VBoard products. Anchor solutions are especially beneficial for warehouses that stack units several levels high or for companies that ship large quantities of stacked pallets across long distances.

Trust Laminations for Your Pallet Corner Protection Needs

For over 50 years, Laminations has supplied sustainable, innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions for companies nationwide, making us an unparalleled industry leader. We have developed into one of the market’s most versatile suppliers by offering a complete range of edge protection products, including several specialty services. Our VBoard pallet anchors are just one example of our many cutting-edge products.

If you’re interested in discovering more about how our pallet anchors or other products can benefit your company, a representative from Laminations can guide you. We’ll walk you through our various solutions and help you choose the most practical and economical option that delivers the protection you need. Contact us online today with questions or to obtain additional product information.

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