Club Store Packaging

Club stores carry a unique range of goods that require special packaging attention. Bulk product packages must come in larger sizes, providing convenience and durability. Depending on the product, the packaging may include features like handles and resealable closures to simplify transportation for customers.

This packaging must also include paperboard corner and edge protection to withstand the rigors of transportation. Designing packaging for club stores requires understanding the size, stability and safety requirements to transport products to stores and then to the customer.

The Benefits of Using Paperboard Corners and Edge Protection in Club Store Packaging

Edge protectors and paperboard corners are essential packaging components for many applications, protecting products during transportation and storage. They are a popular choice in many industries and provide significant benefits.

  • Product protection: Edge protectors and paperboard corners keep the corners of your goods intact during transportation and storage, which is crucial for fragile items. These packages are durable enough to absorb impact and reduce the risk of damage.
  • Enhanced stability: These materials stabilize goods during transport, keeping them in the correct position and reducing the risk of movement. This stability is essential for heavy and bulk items, which can damage other items during shipping if they shift around.
  • Improved stacking: Many club stores display products in stacks, streamlining purchase and transportation. Edge protectors and paperboard corners enhance product stability during stacking, providing a flat surface and allowing for even weight distribution.
  • Complete customization: You can customize your edge protection and paperboard corners to meet your packaging needs, choosing the correct size and thickness to match your product’s weight. They are also versatile, ideal for a club store’s wide range of goods.
  • Efficient handling: These materials provide a sturdy surface to grip, making it easier to move heavy items and reducing the risk of injury to workers.
  • Elevated branding: Edge protectors and paperboard corners provide additional branding opportunities, which are essential in a club store setting. Custom-printed edge protectors can display your company logo, for example.

Why Choose Great Northern Laminations?

Great Northern Laminations’ edge protection and paperboard corners offer superior protection with fewer materials, maximizing warehouse space. Our products also reduce packaging times and protect your heavy or awkwardly shaped products during handling.

Consider these advantages of working with us for your club store packaging needs.

Cost Savings

Paperboard corners and edge protection options are cost-effective compared to materials like foam and bubble wrap. Packaging costs can impact profitability, particularly when transporting large or heavy items. You can lower your shipping expenses, since our products use fewer materials to achieve excellent results.

Product Diversity

As a packaging solutions provider, we strive to provide the perfect solutions for every application. Our extensive product range provides you with options to suit various packaging needs. You can choose from a diverse list of durable and cost-effective materials.

We can also customize solutions to meet your unique requirements, redesigning stock items and making modifications to ensure high-level product protection.


Our solutions are 100% recyclable and often reusable. They consist of recycled materials, which you can recycle again after use. With 55% of people reporting concerns about product packaging’s environmental impact, recyclable options are essential. Many businesses want to reduce their carbon footprint, and packaging is an excellent way to start.

Reduced Weight

Besides saving costs on additional packaging, our solutions are lighter than other popular options, reducing your costs throughout the supply chain.

Advanced Testing Capabilities

We can predetermine the effectiveness of your packaging system with our International Safe Transit Association 6 testing and certification services. Our certified test lab can assess whether your packaging design is optimal. We also run pallet configurations to determine packaging efficiency in settings such as club stores.

Contact Us for All Your Club Store Packaging Needs

At Great Northern Laminations, we believe in pushing the boundaries of packaging solutions. Our diverse range of protective packaging products helps us solve your industry’s most complex packaging challenges. From protecting the corners and edges of bulk club store products to providing extra strength and stability, our practical and cost-effective options will protect your products, even in the most demanding conditions.

Contact us to learn more about our solutions and cut assembly times and costs today.

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