Protective Packaging for Furniture and Shelves

Furniture and shelves come in various shapes and forms, so manufacturers need a versatile and flexible solution for packaging and shipping. Edge protection can handle various furniture sizes and shapes while providing significant cost savings over traditional cardboard packaging. These protectors cushion against the impact on shelving edges and corners while protecting the most delicate furniture components.

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Benefits of Using Edge Protectors for Shipping Furniture

Edge protection from Great Northern Laminations® offers superior protection with fewer packaging products, helping reduce warehouse space taken up by cardboard materials. Edge protectors can also help decrease packaging times and offer increased safety over material requiring awkward handling and hand cutting.

Other significant advantages of using edge and corner protection include:

  • Increased stacking strength
  • Improved palletization stability
  • Protection from plastic and metal strapping
  • Resistance from abrasion and scratching
  • Ability to utilize various thicknesses, shapes and sizes of edge protection
  • Cost savings over conventional cardboard packaging methods
  • Custom printing with many available colors

Our Packaging Options for Protecting Furniture During Shipping

Laminations offers an extensive line of edge protectors and other sustainable packaging solutions to handle a broad range of shelves and furniture products, including cabinets, tables, hutches, dressers, bookcases, desks and much more. Some examples of the specific products we supply are:

  • PF PalletTop® is a cost-effective replacement for wooden pallet tops, offering superior protection to the tops and bottoms of furniture while protecting the edges and corners of shelving
  • FlexBoard® is a flexible packaging solution that forms around curved and irregularly shaped furniture and shelving edges
  • VBoard® provides edge protection for large or oblong furniture pieces, plus increased stacking strength for palletization
  • Mega VBoard® offers larger legs to deliver increased protection for more extensive furniture products and loads. It can also combine with foam for added security

Why Should You Choose Laminations?

At Laminations, our comprehensive range of packaging products allows us to offer a solution for items of any weight, shape or size, including shelves and irregularly shaped furniture. Besides saving you money with less material, our more secure packaging means you’ll have less spoilage and fewer returns.

More benefits you’ll experience working with us include:

  • ISTA® 6 testing and certification services that can determine packaging effectiveness and evaluate performance
  • More than six decades of packaging engineering and design experience
  • Customized packaging styles to handle irregular products
  • Edge protection that uses the industry’s most sustainable and recyclable materials

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