Protective Packaging Products

Types of Corner and Edge Protection for Packaging

Innovative paperboard corner and edge protection solutions from Great Northern Laminations® safeguard your products during shipping, handling and storage. Our diverse line of VBoard® laminated paperboard products has provided practical and effective solutions to thousands of packaging applications across a broad industry range, backed by packaging experts and engineers who deliver cost-effective solutions with speed, quality and accuracy.

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Why Use Corner and Edge Protection for Shipping?

Protective packaging serves various functions besides product protection, such as increased stability and stacking strength. When searching for which material to choose, consider paperboard packaging products.

These solutions offer many benefits compared to conventional cardboard edge protector options, including significantly less material. The customization and adaptability of these products allow us to provide solutions in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses to deliver the exact amount of protection you need.

Finding an effective packaging solution is one of the most critical elements in product manufacturing. Without the appropriate packaging, your product may arrive at your customer’s facility damaged, often resulting in additional return shipping costs and rework charges to replace the original item. Even when some standard cardboard packaging options seem to be enough, an extra layer of paperboard corner and edge protection goes a long way in providing the added security you need.

When you consistently deliver products that are clean and free from damage, you create a sense of loyalty with your customers that will strengthen over time. Also, by adding a custom-engineered corner or edge protection solution to your existing packaging, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve taken the proper steps to reduce the amount of damage that can occur during transport.

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Benefits of Choosing Great Northern Laminations

Our primary goal is to help your business grow and succeed by providing you with the highest-quality packaging solutions with cost savings in mind. We help you save money by offering high-performing packaging systems that are more efficient and use less material. You’ll also save significant money in the long run due to fewer returns and less product damage.

Unlike some bulky and ineffective cardboard packaging materials, paperboard corner and edge protection from Great Northern Laminations offers benefits like:

  • Cost savings: Less material and fewer damaged products improve your company’s bottom line
  • Diversity: We offer an extensive range of products that provide solutions for nearly any application
  • Sustainability: Our laminated packaging products are 100% recyclable and often reusable
  • Lightweight: Because our materials weigh less and are easier to handle, you save on shipping costs and reduce the time it takes to package your products
  • Testing capabilities: Our International Safe Transit Association (ISTA®)-certified technicians use the industry’s most advanced testing methods — like compression, drop and vibration tests — to offer certification for your packaging systems and ensure they meet all the necessary protective requirements for transport