Print Options

Standard Print Options

Use your pallet edge guards to communicate critical information by adding color and messages; standard print options are available in 23 color choices.

Customized Printing and Logo Program

Add your logo, promotional tagline, handling instructions, product code or other information for extra visibility and brand impact.

Check out some more information on product-specific print options:

VBoard Print Options (PDF)   UCrate Print Options (PDF)

Identification Made Easy

Stock print options from Laminations, available in your choice of 23 standard colors, are ideal for color coding products or inventory.

Use these products to:

  • Control inventory – a unique color of edge protection for each month or season makes it easy to see how long your products have been in the warehouse.
  • Identify products – a different color edge protector for each product SKI simplifies the inventory process and facilitates order fulfillment
  • Identify VBoard® Grades – designating a separate color for each grade of VBoard you use helps employees find the right size quickly

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