Custom Window and Door Packaging with UChannel®

UChannel - Window and Door Packaging

UChannel® is engineered to deliver precise three-sided shipping protection for doors and windows, including garage doors. Its unique single-piece construction can be formed into a wide variety of widths and leg lengths, offering a cost- and time-saving custom substitute for expensive wood crates or hard-to-handle corrugate.

UChannel® is manufactured using laminated paperboard up to 18″ wide and is also available in asymmetrical leg width combinations that allow for highly specialized applications. Standard caliper options range from 0.080″ to 0.600″. Standard leg lengths extend to 300″, but longer custom lengths are also available.

Both standard and custom print options are available for this product.

Superior Edge Protection

Damage to doors and windows during transport and storage costs you significant financial loss. Including edge protectors for doors and windows save your business money and decreases product losses. The shipment will arrive intact, bolstering your brand reputation and boosting customer satisfaction.

UChannel® shipping protection withstands the tension of pallet straps and ensures your doors and windows are usable, acceptable and saleable to the end user. Each link in the supply chain costs a certain amount, which adds to the final product. Damaged products impact your margins, making adequate protection of your doors and windows a must.

Protection Benefits of UChannel® for Shipping

Benefits of UChannel® include:

  • Superior protection: UChannel® shipping protection is resilient and durable, safeguarding doors and windows during transit
  • High adaptability: The paper widths can be molded to a wide variety of widths, thicknesses and lengths, including asymmetrical variations. This makes it a solution suited to various products.
  • Complete customization: Printing adds color, smoothness and brightness to the paperboard. Custom print options are also available upon request, offering additional branding opportunities
  • Affordability: Laminated paperboard tooling and manufacturing are less expensive than other materials like wood


Why Choose Great Northern Laminations for Window and Door Protection?

Since 1973, Great Northern Laminations has provided superior shipping protection at affordable prices. Customers choose us for our:

  • Expert and tailored services: Our engineers work with you for a customized solution, ensuring you get the perfect packaging
  • Extensive knowledge: With over 50 years of experience and industry know-how, you can trust your door and window protection are in good hands
  • Wide range of solutions: We offer many products, so you always have the ideal solution for your business
  • Cost-efficiency: Our diverse manufacturing capabilities and custom solution approach focus on cost savings and efficiency. We aim to provide the best service and prices.
  • Specialty operations: Our team innovates and engineers versatile packaging solutions featuring numerous specialty services
  • Customer-centered approach: We offer multi-tiered management to ensure customer satisfaction. This allows for quick responses, expert knowledge sharing and greater solutions to meet your industry’s needs.


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Our edge protectors for doors and windows go far beyond the standard corner protection — they solve shipping and packaging problems for most applications. We provide shipment solutions in various materials, sizes and formats meeting your unique needs.

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