Great Northern Laminations® is your one-stop solution for FlexBoard and other sustainable edge protection materials. Our team boasts over 50 years of industry experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing innovative, cost-effective and practical products.

Our Flexible Edge Protector at a Glance

FlexBoard is:

  • Available in lengths from 72″ to 288″
  • Excellent for curved, round and irregular-shaped products
  • Constructed from durable laminated paperboard
  • Notched every 3″ to allow conformity to almost any shape as well as a convenient guide for cutting and measuring
  • Especially useful in protecting coiled and spooled materials, rounded furniture and windows or any curved product from strapping and shipping damage
  • Available in calipers ranging from .120″ to .180″ for OD FlexBoard and .140″ to .225″ for ID FlexBoard
  • Available with leg length configurations of 2″ x 2″, 2.5″ x 2.5″, 2″ x 4″, 3″ x 3″ and 4″ x 4″

Both standard and custom print options are available for this product.

Benefits of Using FlexBoard

Our FlexBoard provides numerous advantages for customers across multiple industries and applications.

Superior Edge Protection for Irregular Products

Irregularly shaped products often require even more robust edge protection than standard geometric goods. Our FlexBoard delivers the multilayer support these products need to guard against scratches, dents and other potential damage. We’ve crafted this packaging with an innovative notched design that allows it to adapt to curves, cylinders and other odd contours through extreme flexibility.

Enhanced Versatility for More Value

Laminations offers our durable laminated FlexBoard in multiple lengths to adapt to many different applications. This option is easy to use and provides additional strength for transit. We can also custom-print an edge protector design for product identification or branding purposes.

Better Resource Use for Money and Space Savings

FlexBoard allows your workforce to cut the edge protector to the exact length your package needs. This approach creates less material waste and reduces scrap disposal costs. You’ll also eliminate the need to keep multiple lengths on hand since our solution promotes a custom fit. As a result, you can devote your facility’s extra space to production or storage for other needs.

Why Partner With Us?

At Laminations, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional solutions with personalized customer service. Doing what others can’t or won’t is in our DNA. That mission drives us to work with our customers to create the exact edge protection design their products need.

Our team also proudly offers a broad variety of classic damage-prevention solutions that safeguard against transport and storage risks like vibration and moisture. Additionally, we can partner with customers to evaluate their packaging approaches in our ISTA® 6 lab, which is certified by the International Safe Transit Association. Our testing helps ensure your package is ready to handle the rigors of transit and storage through the last mile.

As part of our corporate citizenship, we take our social responsibility seriously. Our products contain recycled materials for increased sustainability. Plus, they’re recyclable after use to further help reduce waste.

Contact Laminations to Get Started on Your FlexBoard Solution

FlexBoard is the ideal sustainable solution for package protection for irregularly shaped products. Let us help you design the right configuration for your application.

Contact a specialist online or call us at 800-925-2626for personalized service.

See Edge Protection with FlexBoard® in Action

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