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Our diverse manufacturing capabilities allow us to supply the most effective packaging solutions for any shape or size product. We approach each design project with practicality, protection and cost savings in mind. Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers will respond quickly and accurately to your requirements with some of the industry’s most creative packaging components.

Our products offer many more benefits than standard corner and edge protection solutions, as they can solve packaging and shipping challenges for nearly any application. We offer solutions for shipments in various materials, sizes and configurations to meet your unique needs.

Why Choose Great Northern Laminations?

We can help your business grow by supplying the innovative packaging solutions you need, the reliability you want and the partnering commitment you deserve. We stand out in the industry for our on-time deliveries and hassle-free customer service. Our multitiered approach to customer satisfaction allows us to respond quickly, share our knowledge and experience, and remain accessible to meet your packaging requirements.

ISTA® Testing and Certification Services

ISTA Testing - Protective PackagingOur certified in-house ISTA® (International Safe Transit Association) technicians can study individual packages or loaded pallets in our test lab to evaluate performance and determine whether any modifications are required. These testing methods subject your materials to hazards or diverse conditions they can potentially encounter during transport through the supply chain. Some examples of the testing we conduct are vibration, incline, free-fall drop and compression tests.

Through this process, we aim to provide:

  • Package optimization
  • Overall cost reduction
  • Lifecycle waste minimization

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