The Best Packaging for Protecting Food and Produce

Food products require superior handling and packaging solutions to safeguard them during shipping and transportation. Perishable goods like produce and dairy products must receive protection from extreme temperatures and humidity to prevent spoilage. Nonperishable items like canned goods need edge protection to prevent damage from forklift collisions and other misadventures in warehouses, during shipping and in grocery store backrooms.

Great Northern Laminations® can supply VBoard® protective packaging for food products. This advanced paperboard material is a reliable choice for produce and other items to reduce the risk of contamination and harm in any transport or storage environment.

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Popular Protective Product Packaging Options

We offer several packaging choices for food products.


HydroShield® is a water-resistant coating that can be applied to our products and is ideal for humid and wet environments. It causes water and moisture to bead up and roll off before they can penetrate the packaged product and cause spoilage or other damage. HydroShield can provide essential edge protection and pallet stabilization when shipping and handling produce and other perishable items.

Extruded VBoard®

Extruded VBoard® is a 100% waterproof edge protector and corner guard that performs in particularly demanding shipping and storage situations. It is ideal for wet or humid indoor and outdoor environments and will keep products safe and stable during storage on flatbed trucks. The extruded plastic material provides tighter tolerances than paper VBoard material and consumes less space.

PF Pallet Top®

PF Pallet Top® prevents spoilage by protecting the tops of easy-open cans from punctures and leaks. These edge protectors consist of two riveted pieces of notched VBoard that produce a lighter, less bulky alternative to wooden pallet tops. PF Pallet Top easily folds into squares or rectangles to fit various locations on palletized loads. It also stays secure in automatic stretch and shrink-wrapping applications.

Why Choose Laminations for Food and Beverage Packaging?

Laminations designs and manufactures solutions that are the best choice in packaging for produce and other food items, offering:

  • Sustainability: Our packaging for food and other products is 100% recyclable, and many are reusable, creating a sustainable solution that helps you reduce waste and help protect the environment
  • Cost savings: Using our packaging requires less material, decreases weight and results in fewer damaged goods, which reduces expenses and leads to a better bottom line
  • Improved service: Products arrive at stores in good condition, leading to fewer returns and more satisfied customers

Contact Laminations to Find Your Packaging Solution

Let Laminations help you protect your food items throughout the supply chain and run a more productive and profitable shipping operation. Learn more about our packaging solutions by calling us at 800-925-2626 or contacting us online to request additional product and pricing information.

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