Produce & Food Packaging

Shipping and storing produce and other food items requires packaging that can efficiently handle varying, and sometimes extreme, environmental conditions including humidity, refrigeration and freezing. On the other hand, canned drinks, pop-top fruit, and vegetable or soup cans demand protection of delicate edges.

Adaptable and protective, VBoard® paperboard packaging products are ideal for any produce or food protective packaging situation. They also deliver the added benefit of 100% recycled fiber construction that eliminates the risk of introducing plastic or metal contaminants into food items—a potential hazard presented by co-mingled edge and corner guards.

Popular protective packaging choices for protecting food and produce include:

HydroShield™ features a water-resistant coating that is ideal for humid and wet environments

Extruded VBoard® is a 100% waterproof edge protector and corner guard that performs in particularly demanding shipping and storage situations

PF PalletTop® paperboard pallet protectors prevents spoilage by protecting the tops of easy-open cans from punctures and leaks

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