PF PalletTop®

PF PalletTop® pallet edge protectors stabilize and pad pallets using lightweight materials. These high-quality guards fold for convenient storage and unfold easily to form durable protective structures. Choose from various standard and customizable sizes, calipers and color options to find the best fit for your shipping needs.

PF PalletTop vs Wooden Pallet Tops

PF PalletTop laminated paperboard edge protectors are an excellent alternative to traditional pallet top protection and are easy to store, handle and ship. A traditional wooden pallet top is bulky, but a PF PalletTop guard is a significantly lighter alternative.

How PF PalletTop Works

Great Northern Laminations produces each PF PalletTop edge protector by riveting two notched VBoard® pieces together. When you unfold a PF PalletTop edge protector, it forms a durable rectangular or square shape to fit a palletized load’s top, side or bottom edges.

PF PalletTop guards can hold display-ready palletized loads in place while you unitize and stretch-wrap them for transport, preventing instability and shifting — which increases worker safety. Because the PF PalletTop edge protector also remains in place during automated shrink and stretch-wrapping operations, manual interference isn’t necessary. Create “see-through” packaging when you combine PF PalletTop protectors with stretch wrap.

Edge Protection Benefits of PF PalletTop

PF PalletTop edge protectors offer the following benefits:

Easy Storage and Handling

PF PalletTop edge protectors save space and are easy to store. They are also easier for individuals to handle than traditional pallet tops, helping employees save time and energy preparing shipments.

You can unfold and apply PF PalletTop edge protectors quickly, allowing you to focus time on other important tasks. These quality shipping solutions keep pallet loads secure to prevent you from needing to restack pallets.

Cost Savings

Since PF PalletTop edge protectors are a lightweight shipping solution, they can help reduce shipping costs.


While you can order PF PalletTop in standard print colors, customization is also an option. Custom print options allow you to display special messages or your brand name, colors and logo on each shipment.

Available Calipers

You can choose PF PalletTop edge protectors in any of the following calipers:

  • Light duty: Light-duty protectors are .090 inches (2.29 millimeters) or .120 inches (3.05 millimeters)
  • Medium duty: A medium-duty caliper is .160 inches (4.06 millimeters)
  • Heavy duty: A heavy-duty caliper is .225 inches (5.72 millimeters)

Available Lengths

Along with custom sizes, Laminations manufactures PF PalletTop protectors in the following standard leg lengths:

  • 2×2 inches (50.80×50.80 millimeters)
  • 2.5×2.5 inches (63.50×63.50 millimeters)
  • 3×3 inches (76.20×76.20 millimeters)
  • 2×3 inches (50.80×76.20 millimeters)
  • 2×4 inches (50.80×101.60 millimeters)
  • 4×4 inches (101.60×101.60 millimeters)

Protect Your Shipments With PF PalletTop Edge Protectors

Laminations offers lightweight, high-quality shipping solutions for your packaging needs. Our PF PalletTop edge protectors help you save time and money preparing shipments, and they are easy to store and handle. Contact Laminations to learn more about this product.

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