UCrate® – Preformed Shipping Crates

UCrate® offers a highly durable, cost-effective option for protecting long, narrow products such as windows, blinds/rods, tubing, metal rods/extrusions, fragile instruments and glass products during shipping and handling.

This lightweight yet durable protective packaging option features a smooth laminated paperboard construction that’s lighter and easier to load than wood without compromising impact resistance, scuff protection and stackability. UCrate provides substantial beam strength while also offering enough flexibility to provide shock absorption capabilities. Additional custom interior packaging options are available to meet your specific shipping and handling needs.

UCrate is manufactured using laminated paperboard up to 18″ wide and standard caliper options ranging from 0.080″ to 0.600″. Standard leg lengths extend to 300″, but longer lengths are also available.

Both standard and custom print options are available for this product.

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