FlatBoard® & FlatCrate

Great Northern Laminations® is your trusted source for proven sustainable package edge protection. Our experts design and manufacture market-leading solutions based on over 50 years of industry service. Flatboard® and FlatCrate™ are two of our most popular, versatile and cost-effective edge protectors.Steel tubing being wrapped in FlatBoard product to protect during shipping

FlatBoard and FlatCrate Features

FlatBoard is customized edge and corner protection used within a larger protective packaging solution. Our FlatBoard offers:

  • Widths up to 90″ and lengths up to 300″, with custom sizing available
  • Standard caliper options from .060″ to .200″
  • Superior puncture resistance and impact resistance
  • Excellent protection from strapping damage
  • Custom die-cut shapes available
  • White top or kraft liners available with additional coating options

FlatCrate is a five-panel, or more, protective packaging solution that can be folded into a U-shaped crate or self-contained shipping container in a variety of geometric shapes. Other features of our unique foldable shipping crate include:Box wrapped in FlatCrate product

  • Layered paper construction on all panel sides adds strength and creates channeled hinges with voids for precision folding and wrapping
  • Widths from 14″ to 90″, and lengths from 12″ to 300″, with custom sizing available
  • Standard caliper options range from .080″ to .200″
  • White top or craft liners available with additional coating options
  • Custom die-cut shapes available

Benefits of Using FlatBoard and FlatCrate

Our FlatCrate and FlatBoard solutions have numerous advantages, including:

  • Superior shipping protection: Delivering damaged goods to your customers can have a significant negative impact on your business’s reputation. FlatBoard and FlatCrate offer excellent safeguards to reduce potential storage and transport risks.
  • Rugged reinforcement: Our products’ sturdy designs and multilayer constructions help ensure maximum support against damage to some of the most vulnerable parts of your package. The additional reinforcement also helps boost package stability.
  • Extensive customizability: No two products are alike, so no two damage-protection solutions should be. Our options are highly customizable to meet your business’s needs.
  • Extreme versatility: FlatBoard and FlatCrate are versatile and can adapt to many applications. Our customers use them across numerous different industries and with multiple products.

Why Choose Laminations?

In addition to our expertise and experience, there are several other reasons why you should make us your package-protection partner.

We Find Solutions

We’ve created a reputation for doing what others can’t or won’t. If an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t meet your needs, we’ll devise one. Our experienced packaging engineers will work with you to understand your unique product challenges. Then, they’ll design a bespoke answer that precisely conforms to your specs.

We Prioritize Our Corporate Responsibility

Laminations is committed to a comprehensive environmental, social and governance (ESG) program. Our corporate social responsibility policies embrace and embody our values. We adopt environmentally friendly business practices, such as using recycled content in our products, and our teams regularly serve the communities in which they work and live.

We Offer a Great Selection of Products and Services

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to package safeguarding, so we carry an extensive variety of edge protection solutions to meet the most challenging needs. Our products can help you prevent damage from additional risks, like vibration and moisture, as well.

At Laminations, we also offer International Safe Transit Association (ISTA®) 6-certified lab testing to help you determine your packaging integrity and take proactive steps toward damage protection.

Contact Laminations to Find the Solution That’s Right for You

Whether you need a self-contained shipping container or another packaging product, we draw on our in-depth knowledge and experience to develop, create and identify the ideal sustainable product-protection solutions. Let us help you find the best one for your application.

Contact a specialist by calling 800-925-2626 or submitting our online form today.

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