Extruded VBoard®

Extruded VBoard Packaging

Extruded VBoard® is constructed from robust extruded plastic. The 100% waterproof edge protection solution is ideal for indoor and outdoor environments, as it can withstand wet and humid conditions. In particular, Extruded VBoard is an effective option for safeguarding produce, steel and lumber products during storage and flat truck transport.

Benefits of Our Extruded VBoard

Extruded VBoard maintains tighter tolerances than paper variations at 90-degree angles and offers a professional, high-quality, smooth black appearance. This product is available in VBoard and VGuard® configurations. Some benefits of using Extruded VBoard include:

  • Greater strength: Unlike traditional cardboard, the plastic protects against damaging conditions it may encounter during shipping and distribution, including rough handling, external impact or environmental challenges
  • Waterproof protection: The plastic is 100% waterproof, so it will maintain its shape if it gets wet in transit
  • Smaller profile: Extruded VBoard fits your product corners securely, without wasting space or needing excessive cushioning, so you can store your products efficiently and fit more in transit

Sizes and Details

Standard sizes are available in leg lengths of 1.75″ x 1.75″ and 2.5″ x 2.5″, with calipers of 0.060″, 0.090″ and 0.120″

Custom-extruded shapes can be developed for large-volume applications

Stringent Testing

To ensure Extruded VBoard lives up to our promise of exceptional protection, Great Northern Laminations can put it through comprehensive testing at our certified International Safe Transit Association (ISTA®) test lab. The certification adheres to globally recognized and industry-standard testing protocols, demonstrating that our products meet the highest standards.

We can conduct specialized tests that align with the unique specifications of shipping partners like Amazon, FedEx or Sam’s Club.

Sustainable Materials

Laminations is passionate about sustainability. We place a strong emphasis on process improvement, continuously seeking new ways to reduce energy consumption, natural resources and general waste.

Extruded VBoard is no exception. The packaging solution can be recycled and enables you to package your products using fewer materials, thereby reducing waste. Using less material also lowers your shipping costs.

Laminations is aligned with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state, and local environmental rules and regulations to minimize our impact on the air, soil and water. As a result, the majority of our products are easy to recycle, excluding poly-coated options.

Choose Laminations for Sustainable Packaging

Your Laminations account manager will recommend the appropriate caliper for your Extruded VBoard application, as plastic responds differently than paper to various stresses. Actual trial usage is recommended for each new application. Contact us to learn more.

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