A New, Ergonomic Alternative to Wood, Bulk and Gaylord Containers

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SUREContainer - Gaylord Alternative

SUREContainer is an innovative packaging and storage solution that provides a more ergonomical and safer way for workers to efficiently load contents within a large container. The innovative design allows for one or more sides to be removed so items can be placed within the container from the front versus lifted over the top. Placement of items is more controlled and efficient.

SUREContainer provides all around protection and stacking strength, and is ideal for loading heavy items, as well as items that are cumbersome to stack within a large, bulk container. Handling, shipping, unloading and disposal on the receiving end is easy and cost-efficient, creating a better customer experience throughout your entire supply chain.

  • SUREContainer can be built around your product
  • Easy to load with one or more side walls removed
  • Efficiently stack and arrange contents within a larger container with front access
  • Properly packed items stay secure in the containers while traveling from one location to another

Top Benefits of Using SUREContainer for Shipping

Transform the way you package and store your items with these advantages:

SUREContainer provides all-around protection and stacking strength. Its lightweight material and transformable design are ideal for stacking heavy items and cumbersome objects within a large, bulk container. Handling, shipping, unloading and disposal on the receiving end is easy and cost-efficient, creating a better customer experience throughout your entire supply chain.

A Gaylord bin or bulk container doesn’t allow for removing side walls for easy access during the loading process. Instead, loading products involves maneuvering items into bulk containers with manual or mechanical stocking equipment. You can save time and offer a safer process when you invest in a SUREContainer, which provides flexible sides you remove or alter as needed.

Heat treating and shipping costs can make wood crating and containers expensive. Plus, the heavy and labor-intensive material requires a time-consuming process when converting the pieces into their intended design. A SUREContainer solution offers a lightweight option, reducing workplace injuries and allowing greater efficiency in reducing your preparation timeline.

Why Choose Laminations as Your Supplier?

At Laminations, we’ve proudly served the packaging industry for over 50 years and offer these benefits:

  • Excellent customer service: As a leading supplier, we offer a wide range of high-quality products. Our team of professionals can answer your questions and give detailed recommendations to help you customize the perfect solution for your needs. Check out our success stories to see how we’ve helped companies transform their storage and shipping methods with better safety and efficiency.
  • Sustainable materials: Our products help reduce your carbon footprint and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. The side panels of our SUREContainer consist of solid fiber, corrugated or honeycomb materials to suit your preferences. These sustainable materials are 100% recyclable and made of 80% post-consumer waste and 20% pre-consumer waste.
  • Testing capabilities: We offer International Safe Transit Association (ISTA®) 6 test lab services to determine whether you have an optimal design. Ensuring the structural integrity of the containers you use can protect your products, reducing product damages or the need for replacements. Well-protected products also create a positive brand image for customers in retail environments, helping boost sales and revenue.


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