SUREContainer by LaminationsA New, Ergonomic Alternative to Wood, Bulk and Gaylord Containers

SUREContainer® is an innovative packaging and storage solution that provides a more ergonomical and safer way for workers to efficiently load contents within a large container. The innovative design allows for one or more sides to be removed so items can be placed within the container from the front versus lifted over the top. Placement of items is more controlled and efficient.

SUREContainer provides all around protection and stacking strength, and is ideal for loading heavy items, as well as items that are cumbersome to stack within a large, bulk container. Handling, shipping, unloading and disposal on the receiving end is easy and cost-efficient, creating a better customer experience throughout your entire supply chain.

  • SUREContainer can be built around your product
  • Easy to load with one or more side walls removed
  • Efficiently stack and arrange contents within a larger container with front access

View the SUREContainer Sell Sheet for additional specifications.

To learn more about a SUREContainer solution for your business, contact us at 800-925-2626. Our Sales and Engineering team will assess your needs and design a solution that takes into account the product being shipped, the distribution environment, and any special circumstances.

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