Ensure packages arrive looking good and undamaged. When shipping valuable, heavy, bulky and large products, it’s important that they arrive at the business or consumer’s location in good condition. What measures can you take to protect these items while at the same time create a positive customer experience? VBoard® edge and corner protection is the answer.

V-Board® edge protection comes in many forms and can protect just about any type, shape or size package. Used on the inside or outside of a package, it can be easily cut to fit the dimensions of your package. Cost effective and lightweight, edge protection is also easy to apply and remove.

VBoard Edge Protection for E-Commerce Shipping

In addition to ensuring damage free product delivery, customers will be pleased with the ease of use and recyclability of edge protection. All VBoard® products are 100% recyclable and can be put into the curbside recycling or normal paper waste stream.

Packaging for Large Products

Is VBoard® right for your product and application?

  1. Are you dealing with valuable big/bulky items such as furniture, appliances, windows/doors, lawn & garden equipment, etc.?
  2. Do you sell these products via e-commerce?
  3. How are you currently packaging your products for e-commerce, and what are your damage rates?

For samples or more information about edge protection, please contact us to tap into our packaging engineering expertise. View all of our VBoard® edge protection solutions.

Laminations extends its ecommerce expertise to the APASS Network


Effective August 1, 2019, vendors selling through Amazon are required to meet Amazon’s Packaging Guidelines known as ‘Frustration Free Packaging.’ This applies to products that exceed 18” x 14” x 8” or are greater than 20 lbs. sold through Amazon. Businesses not meeting these guidelines will be financially penalized on a per package basis.

Frustration Free Packaging and ISTA Packaging Testing

You’ll need to get familiar with Amazon’s new packaging standards as outlined in their Frustration Free Packaging Program. These standards were created to give customers what they want: minimal, protective and functional packaging, including:

  • Easy to open
  • Well protected
  • 100% recyclable

Our experts at Great Northern Laminations can help you with your next packaging design and can test package integrity in our ISTA 6 certified testing lab to meet these standards. Contact our experts here.

Great Northern can help design, test, and produce a packaging solution to meet Amazon’s new guidelines. We are part of a select group of companies that are part of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), which is officially recognized by Amazon to support packaging solutions that help e-commerce vendors with their packaging challenges. Learn more about Great Northern’s certifications and capabilities.

Edge Protection for E-Commerce Packaging

For over 60 years, Great Northern has been the expert in protecting products and packaging. One of our specialties is edge protection.  Made from durable paperboard, it comes in many forms and can protect just about any type, shape or size package. Used on the inside or the outside of a package, it can be easily cut to fit the dimensions of your package. Most importantly, our edge protection solutions ensure that your package will arrive at the customer’s doorstep looking good!

Other important aspects about edge protection:

  • Can cut assembly time
  • Can reduce the cost of packaging materials
  • Can lower shipping costs throughout the supply chain
  • Can reduce product damage, saving time and money
  • Can be recycled curbside
E-Commerce Protective Packaging


Protects and strengthens the edges and corners of corrugate box packaging, and can be applied inside or outside of your package. It’s made to custom fit your package so you have a perfect fit and protection for each shipment.

Learn More
NotchBoard by Laminations


An ideal solution for custom sized products that requires both edge and corner protection. Straight or V-Notch pieces can easily be folded around the corner of a product to provide a lightweight protective framework.

Learn More
UChannel - Door Packaging


A great solution for items such as windows and doors that are the same size and mass-produced. Its three-sided, single-piece construction can be formed into a wide variety of widths and lengths.

Learn More

Successful Applications

Packaging Protection for Furniture

VBoard used outside of the package to protect from warehouse to doorstep

  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Easily to add to your production stream
  • Can be branded with your logo or a message
  • Easy to apply, remove and recycle

View our Success Stories

Protective Packaging for Wheels

VBoard used inside the box to add structural integrity to packaging

  • VBoard is available in custom sizes
  • Reduces the need for excess fillers
  • Easy to apply, remove and recycle

View our Success Stories

VBoard for ECommerce Packaging

VBoard ensures that high value purchases arrive undamaged and looking good

  • Reduce the hassle and costs of damaged return shipments
  • Improve online customer ratings
  • Enhance customer loyalty and repeat purchases

View our Success Stories

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Laminations E-Commerce Packaging Experts
Shown here: Members of our WI packaging team

Meet our Experts

Our team continually helps our customers win when it comes to protective packaging! For over 60 years, we’ve developed solutions for customers across the country in industries such as appliances, furniture, home and office goods, doors and windows, and many others. Our experts work with you to develop a custom, engineered solution for your specific product and package so your packaging performs from warehouse to doorstep.

Corey Nugent
Engineer – New Business Development
Brief Description of Background: Packaging engineer who creates packaging solutions for e-commerce, LTL, and retail packaging. ISTA presenter and packaging patent owner.
Years at Laminations: 7
Interest/Inspirations outside of work: myTeam Triumph, and helping others reaching their goals through endurance sports.
What motivates you? Learning about how things are made, and how all the difference pieces work together.  Learning random history facts, and the story behind them.

Contact Corey

Aaron Sass
New Business and Product Development Director
Brief Description of Background: Sales/Business Development and Production
Years at Laminations: 5
Interest/Inspirations outside of work: Fascinated by outer space! Is it flat or is it round? Is it really infinite? What else is out there?
What motivates you? Helping others succeed

Contact Aaron

Suzanne von Valtier
Account Manager – Central U.S.
Brief Description of Background: Sales
Years at Laminations: 14
Interest/Inspirations outside of work: Puppy dogs!  Actually I am fascinated with animals in general.  Especially the cute ones.  My favorite charity is called Ohio Wildlife
What motivates you? Solving problems and helping our customers grow their business

Contact Suzanne
Map of the United States with Central States Highlighted

Mary Smith
Account Manager – Central U.S.
Brief Description of background: 14+ years in business development including 6 in packaging and distribution sales
Years at Laminations: 2+
Interest/Inspirations outside of work: Baking cookies and spending time with my family and watching my kids sporting events!
What motivates you? Helping my customers develop packaging which will save them time and money while helping the customer deliver damage free products!

Contact Mary
Map of the United States with Illinois and Iowa highlighted

Todd Hainer
Account Manager – Central U.S.
Brief Description of background: 30 + years in Sales, New Business Development, Engineering and Design in corrugated and industrial packaging.
Years at Laminations: 15
Interest/Inspirations outside of work: Endurance cycling and running.  It’s a great competition between you and your mind.
What motivates you? Curiosity, when I want to know something I sit down and learn about it.

Contact Todd
Map of the United States with Midwestern States highlighted

Lisa Ramaekers
Account Manager – Central U.S.
Brief Description of Background:
Years at Laminations:
Interest/Inspirations outside of work:
What motivates you?

Art Weiss
Account Representative – Northeastern U.S.
Brief Description of background: Sales Career in Paper & Plastic disposables, Jan-San and Packaging Industries.
Years at Laminations: 14 years
Interest/Inspirations outside of work: Still an ice hockey goalie and now a grand dad!  Love the beach.
What motivates you? I enjoy helping people and using creative packaging to overcome the challenges my customers face.

Contact Art
Map of the United States of America with states in New England highlighted

John Gallop
Account Manager – Northeastern U.S.
Brief Description of background: Industrial Packaging and Small business owner
Years at Laminations: 17
Interest/Inspirations outside of work: Skiing, Golfing, Home Improvement Projects.
What motivates you? Helping our distributor partners win and grow, and building long lasting relationships with key partners, and the dream of someday beating Suzanne’s monthly sales results!

Contact John
Map of the United States with Eastern States below New England highlighted

Russ Vossen
Account Manager – Western U.S.
Brief Description of background: 25+ years in sales, marketing and business development
Years at Laminations: 2+
Interest/Inspirations outside of work: golfing and time with family
What motivates you? Learning something new everyday

Contact Russ
Laminations West

Greg Seidel
Account Manager – Pacific Northwest U.S.
Brief Description of Background: Sales
Years at Laminations: 20+
Interest/Inspirations outside of work: The Outdoors, Watersports, Snow Sports, Family & Friends
What motivates you? Creative problem solving, Helping others be successful.

Contact Greg
Laminations Northwest

Jennifer Knapp
Account Manager – Southeastern U.S.
Brief Description of Background: 11+ years in business development including 8 in industrial packaging.
Years at Laminations: 7
Interest/Inspirations outside of work: I enjoy travelling, reading and spending quality time with my family, friends and pups.
What motivates you? Finding opportunities where I can solve problems for my customers!

Contact Jennifer
Laminations Southeast

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