Protection for E-Commerce Shipments

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Ensure packages arrive looking good and undamaged

When shipping valuable, heavy, bulky and large products, it’s important that they arrive at the business or consumer’s location in good condition. What measures can you take to protect these items while at the same time create a positive customer experience? VBoard® edge and corner protection is the answer.

V-Board® edge protection comes in many forms and can protect just about any type, shape or size package. Used on the inside or outside of a package, it can be easily cut to fit the dimensions of your package. Cost effective and lightweight, edge protection is also easy to apply and remove.

VBoard Edge Protection for E-Commerce Shipping

In addition to ensuring damage free product delivery, customers will be pleased with the ease of use and recyclability of edge protection. All VBoard® products are 100% recyclable and can be put into the curbside recycling or normal paper waste stream.

Packaging for Large Products

Is VBoard® right for your product and application?

  1. Are you dealing with valuable big/bulky items such as furniture, appliances, windows/doors, lawn & garden equipment, etc.?
  2. Do you sell these products via e-commerce?
  3. How are you currently packaging your products for e-commerce, and what are your damage rates?

For samples or more information about edge protection, please contact us to tap into our packaging engineering expertise. View all of our VBoard® edge protection solutions.