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E-commerce sales are accelerating at high speeds creating new opportunities for many. However, this increases the risk for product damaged during transit. Data reveals items that are heavy, bulky, and expensive are experiencing damage rates of more than 20%*, a risk you can’t afford to take.

Returns can cost you more than you think:

  • Revenue – 79% of consumers will not repeat their purchase if the product arrives damaged**
  • Product – damaged product and replacement product (for free).
  • Labor – customer service, repacking and packing replacement product
  • Higher shipping expenses– return and replacement of product
  • Environmental impact – waste of additional packaging, product, gas

*Source: Uship.com     **Source: Pregis

Peel, Place, Protect


Step 1

Simply peel to expose EBoard’s patent pending adhesive.


Step 2

Place E-Board on the edges of the package. Pat the seal tape in place.


Step 3

The package is now protected and ready to be shipped to the end user.

Benefits of EBoard

  • Reduce Product Damage ​- Reduce return costs
  • Easy to Apply, Easy to Remove – Safer product, just peel and place
  • Minimize Packaging Material – No need for tape, shrink wrap, strapping or additional corrugate, pre-cut sizes minimizes waste
  • Labor and Equipment Savings – No equipment, tools or assembly required
  • Positive customer experience – Product arrives undamaged, easy to remove (just peel) and dispose of – recyclable

Applications and Specs


  • Indoor/Outdoor Sporting Goods​ – Canoes/Kayaks, Bicycles, Pool Equipment, Paddle Boards/Snow Boards/Hover Boards
  • Automotive – Trailer Hitches/Cargo Hauls and Other Parts
  • Heavy Exercise Equipment​ – Treadmill, Elliptical, Weights, Indoor Bikes
  • Indoor/Outdoor Furniture​ – Office Furniture, Patio Sets, Outdoor Sofas
  • Home Heating/Cooling and Appliances/Electronics – TVs, Computers, Speakers Washer/Dryers, Dishwashers, Microwaves, Windows/Doors, Furnaces/Water Heaters

Product Specifications

  • Lengths – 2×2 and 2.5×2.5
  • Calipers – .120 to .160

Easy Material Removal for
Your End User

See how EBoard Holds Up in our ISTA Test Lab

Ensure Product and Package Protection through the Last Mile

We will test your solution.  As an APASS member, we’re trained to support Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging standards and can test package integrity in our ISTA-certified laboratory. Learn more here.

Frustration Free Packaging and ISTA Packaging Testing



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