Protective Packaging for Steel

Machined metal parts and other equipment require unique packaging during shipping, handling and warehousing to accommodate lubricants, irregular shapes and heavy or unevenly distributed weight. Great Northern Laminations provides trusted solutions to protect steel during shipping, regardless of component complexity or size.

Best Shipping Solutions for Steel

Our solutions support a range of steel shipping needs. Some of our ideal products for components of this material include:

  • PolyCoated VBoard®: This product features a specialized coating on the inner layer that resists scuffs and harmful substances like oil, grease and water. We can apply this coating to any standard VBoard pieces to offer the highest level of protection for your steel parts.
  • FlexBoard®: Our flexible edge solution is designed to fit curved, round or irregular shapes with durable, laminated paperboard. With notches at every third inch, FlexBoard provides protection for a range of products, such as coiled or spooled materials and rounded windows. Add PolyCoated protection if needed.
  • Extruded VBoard®For this VBoard product, we created a solution that offers tighter tolerances than paper VBoard with durable extruded plastic. This material is 100% waterproof and provides reliable edge protection in wet or humid environments, making it an ideal form of protection for your steel components.

Why Choose Great Northern Laminations?

Great Northern Laminations is the preferred choice for steel manufacturers because we offer:

  • Sustainability: The materials we use are 100% recyclable, making our products eco-friendly. Choosing our company lets you stand by your values and protect the environment
  • Customization: Our team designs your packaging to fit your products. Enjoy the ease of a perfect fit and know your products will be safe from your warehouse to their recipient
  • Cost savings: When your packaging solutions are customized to fit your steel products, you use less material.
  • Testing: We prove our packaging can meet your needs with our International Safe Transit Association (ISTA®) 6 Test Lab. In this environment, we can see our packaging’s performance in a range of settings, including inclines, vibration and compression

Contact Us to Find Your Custom Packaging Solution

Laminations helps you protect your products’ value and your reputation. Knowing how to ship steel is critical for your industry, and our custom solutions provide the protection and durability your items need. Reach out to us online today to learn more about our capabilities, or give us a call at (800) 925-2626.

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