Our Approach to Sustainability

Great Northern feels a responsibility to help the world and people around us. We have the means to make a difference and we intend to take advantage of our position to help others and the environment.


All our paperboard products are made from recycled fibers consisting of about 80% post-consumer waste and 20% pre-consumer waste. All of these materials are 100% recyclable. Great Northern Laminations is committed to helping its customers choose packaging solutions with the environment in mind.

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We have an internal focus centered on process improvement, with a commitment to invest in equipment and practices that reduce the amount of energy, natural resources and waste required to operate our businesses. Great Northern manufacturing facilities meet all applicable Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state, and local environmental rules and regulations to minimize our impact to the air, soil and water.



Working with our internal logistics partner, the Great Northern team has successfully implemented several initiatives that have enabled us to improve our logistics through more efficient routing, better cube utilization of trailers and fewer empty hauls.



We design and engineer packaging solutions that utilize fewer materials, are produced with more eco-friendly processes, and ultimately reduce the impact our packaging has on the environment. The outcome of this effort results in improved outcomes on sustainability scorecards and the potential for cost reduction.


Product End of Life

Once the corner and edge protection paperboard products have been used for their intended purposes, all materials can be recycled. These materials can be placed with their curbside recyclable materials, ensuring no extra steps are needed for disposal.



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Great Expectations

Great Expectations is more than a tagline, it is an attitude. At Great Northern, customer challenges are met by an undying spirit to doing what others can’t or won’t. It’s in our DNA. And it is what our customers have come to expect with Great Northern.

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