Adhesive Edge Protectors for Packaging

VBoard® edge protectors provide versatility, efficiency, flexibility and structural support unmatched by other packaging solutions. These sustainable products from Great Northern Laminations® deliver the exact amount of protection for your unitization requirements to keep your packaging secure while minimizing material costs. Now, with QuickStik®, an extensive range of industries can enjoy even greater labor efficiency and cost savings.

What Is QuickStik®?

Patented QuikStik corner and edge protection from Laminations is a specialized type of VBoard with a proprietary surface on either the inside or outside linings. This inexpensive solution helps streamline the unitization process, saving significant labor, time and materials.

Your team members can use QuikStik by pulling away a liner to expose the edge protector’s adhesive and pressing the VBoard into place on the outside edge of a unit. The QuikStik seal stays in place temporarily, giving workers enough time to transport the load to the bander or stretch wrapper.

You can also use these packaging edge protectors on a carton’s interior by removing the adhesive’s outer liner and pressing the VBoard into the inner corners of the box. Interior applications help increase overall stacking strength while enabling smooth loading and unloading.

QuikStik comes in various adhesive strengths, lengths and calipers with 2-inch by 2-inch or 4-inch by 4-inch legs. Standard and custom print options are also available.

Benefits of Using QuikStik for Your Packaging Applications

QuikStik from Laminations allows your packaging operations to experience a comprehensive range of benefits, including:

  • Improved packaging efficiency: QuikStik keeps loads stable during transport, ensuring boxes stay in place without requiring restacking.
  • Increased labor savings: This product’s proprietary seal secures quickly and easily, saving significant time over manually holding units in place during stretch wrapping.
  • Greater versatility: Workers can use QuikStik without the adhesive to handle standard VBoard requirements, reducing the need for multiple packaging products.
  • Reduced material usage: Because this VBoard option offers maximum stability with minimal materials, you can reduce your need for extra packaging supplies and reduce losses from product damage.
  • More space savings: QuikStik takes up little storage room, allowing you to maximize valuable warehouse space.

Contact Laminations Today to Learn More

If you want to learn more about how QuikStik adhesive edge protectors can benefit your packaging applications, a representative from Laminations can assist you. We will walk you through our product options to help you choose the best-suited QuikStik configuration for your requirements. Contact us online today to get started.

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