Protective Packaging for Electronics and Appliances

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Edge protection is one of the most critical packaging components for safe and secure shipping of large appliances and sensitive electronics. These protectors offer a simple, reliable, cost-effective method for preserving product edges, strengthening boxes and providing stacking support. At Great Northern Laminations®, we offer a comprehensive line of edge protectors and other packaging designs to assist with delivering your products safely.

Protective Packaging for Appliances

Our edge protection solutions help minimize excess packaging material for large appliances like dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers by providing the exact amount of protection you need to avoid product damage. The ability to customize our packaging allows us to offer corner and edge protection systems in various sizes, thicknesses and configurations adaptable to the items you’re shipping. We engineer products like Scuffshield® that add an abrasion-resistant coating to provide superior protection against scuffs and scratches while delivering the same protective strength as VBoard®.

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Protective Packaging for Electronics

Packaging and storing sensitive electronic items are often more challenging due to the delicacy of the products. Small parts, special wiring and tiny motors are especially vulnerable if not packaged sufficiently. Our solutions complement anti-static foams and other shock-absorbing materials, offering superior damage resistance for nearly any type of electronics.

Products like SureCrate® offer an alternative to expensive wooden crates for larger, more fragile items, while solutions such as our VBoard with ClipFoam® provide cushioning and strength in one system.

Why Choose Laminations?

At Laminations, our primary goal is to offer the most effective, highest-performing packaging solutions while providing cost savings over traditional shipping materials. In most cases, our products can save you money because you use less packaging material while limiting the damage during transit, reducing the number of returns.

Benefits you’ll experience with our products include:

Less packaging material and decreased product damage result in more revenue for your company

Our comprehensive range of custom packaging solutions can accommodate nearly any product type

Our packaging solutions are 100% recyclable and are often reusable

Besides offering significant cost savings, lighter packaging materials are easier to handle

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