PalletTop® Display

Having the right display unit for seasonal products is important. PalletTop® Displays from Great Northern Laminations provides a lightweight and sturdy temporary retail display structure. You can assemble and disassemble this structure easily to save time and money while showcasing your seasonal products.

PalletTop Display Details

The PalletTop Display combines the sturdy and lightweight support of PF PalletTops® with the vertical stacking strength of VBoard® packing systems. This solid shelving structure is an excellent solution for seasonal and temporary displays.

How the PalletTop Display Works

You can set this display solution up quickly and take it down easily. It’s ideal for retail and one-way shipping applications because you can prepare it during the manufacturing process, ship it stocked with products and remove the stretch wrap for retail presentation.

Laminated paperboard PF PalletTops unfold easily, form rectangular or square shapes and fit standard or custom-sized pallets. The PF PalletTop adheres to the top of a pallet to form the base of the unit, and the remaining PF PalletTops form the top of the unit and shelves.

Corrugated material, plastic or wood can rest on the top of each PF PalletTop to form the inner shelving storage surface. You can apply a shorter VBoard piece to each inner corner and a longer VBoard piece to the outer corners for additional support. Whether you display quarter, half or full pallets, PalletTop Display offers a solid display solution that helps you save time and money.

Benefits of PalletTop Display for Retailers

Our PalletTop Display offers the following benefits:

Time and Cost Savings

Since the PalletTop Display is easy to assemble and disassemble, employees can set it up quickly. You can also assemble, stretch wrap and ship it so that it’s ready for immediate retail display when it arrives at the intended location.

Water Resistance

You can order the PalletTop Display with HydroShield® coating. This special coating is water resistant and perfect for applications where water may be present.

Brand Display Options

Consider using an image wrap around the bottom of your display with custom printing capabilities from our in-house design team. You can use an image wrap to present graphics or additional branding, increasing the display’s impact on customers.

Environmental Friendliness

After use, the PalletTop Display disassembles quickly and easily. You can recycle each piece of the PalletTop Display, making it an environmentally friendly option for temporary products.

Purchase the PalletTop Display From Laminations

Our PalletTop Display is sturdy, lightweight and environmentally friendly. This solid solution allows you to display temporary and seasonal products while saving time and money and reducing your environmental impact. You also benefit from our 50-plus years of experience when you choose us. Contact Laminations to learn more about the PalletTop Display and how it can enhance your retail shelving.

View this video to learn more about our PalletTop® Display solution:

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