VBoard® – Edge & Corner Protection

Whether shipping palletized loads through traditional distribution methods or individual units via ecommerce, VBoard® offers versatility and adaptability unmatched by other packaging systems because it is precisely the amount of edge and corner protection you need, saving you money in shipping materials and labor.

VBoard for bulk loads stabilizes and contains products during shipment. It also allows for ease of stacking products saving on warehouse space.

VBoard for eCommerce shipments is the ideal solution to reinforce the box. Applied inside or outside of the box, VBoard helps ensure your products arrive safely and in working condition.

Lightweight, sturdy and easy to use with other packaging materials VBoard helps you create custom packaging solutions at the lowest possible cost.

VBoard Protection


Both standard and custom print options are available for this product.

Find the right size for your application using the caliper gauge on our VBoard Product Specifications page.

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VBoard Edge Protection Packaging

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