PolyCoated Water Resistant Edge Protectors

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VBoard® edge protectors from Great Northern Laminations® set the industry standard for versatility, cost-effectiveness and protection. We also lead the industry by offering engineered VBoard solutions that help increase palletization stability, reinforce stacking strength and maximize warehouse efficiency. Our PolyCoated edge protection products go one step further by delivering enhanced protection against potentially damaging elements during the harshest shipping conditions.

What Is PolyCoated Water-Resistant Edge Protection?

PolyCoated edge protection products from Laminations feature special chemical coatings designed to combat the potentially harmful effects of abrasion, corrosion, oil and solvents. These coatings make the board’s surface nonporous and form a chemically inert liner impenetrable by many contaminants. In addition to these superior resistance properties, our PolyCoated products offer the same protective capabilities as our other VBoard and UChannel® solutions.

Benefits of PolyCoated Products From Laminations

Choosing water-resistant protection for your packaging applications allows you to experience many benefits, including:

Our PolyCoated products guard against abrasion, dents, scratches and other impacts that occur during pallet handling or load transport.

The poly coating prevents grease and other harmful contaminants from absorbing into the edge protector’s outside liner.

Our team can apply our specialized poly coatings to all standard VBoard and UChannel products.

We can manufacture special calipers and lengths with printing on the noncoated side along with offering standard in-stock configurations.

When to Use PolyCoated Edge Protection

For applications requiring an extra layer of protection against oil, grease, corrosion and other harmful elements, PolyCoated edge protectors from Laminations are a perfect choice. Several examples of specific uses include:

  • Food and beverage processing: The water-resistant properties of our PolyCoated products work well for food industry applications requiring extra protection against temperature changes, refrigeration and excessive moisture.
  • Automotive manufacturing: Automotive applications rely on our coated VBoard solutions for added protection against oil and grease.
  • Electronic and appliance production: Electronic manufacturers choose PolyCoated VBoard and UChannels to protect sensitive components against humidity and moisture.

Discover More About Our Water-Resistant Edge Protection

At Laminations, our primary goal is to supply our clients with the most practical, effective and high-performing packaging solutions while delivering cost savings over conventional shipping materials. Our PolyCoated products can save you significant money because they provide high protection levels during transit, limiting product damage and reducing the number of returns.

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