VBoard with ClipFoam®

VBoard® with patented ClipFoam® is a protective packaging solution that provides strength and cushioning. This excellent protective packaging prevents damage and helps companies transport products using fewer shipping materials. With custom print, size and foam density options, you can use VBoard with ClipFoam with standard and special applications.

How Does VBoard With ClipFoam Work?

VBoard with ClipFoam combines VBoard’s stacking strength and durability with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam’s cushioning capabilities. This combination protects products during distribution and transportation. Combining this packaging solution with stretch wrap creates a “clear case” design, encouraging more careful handling during transit.

ClipFoam remains in place after you clip it to a product, providing precise protection. It requires no specialized molding or tooling, and its versatile enough to fit various applications.

Benefits of VBoard With ClipFoam

VBoard with ClipFoam offers the following benefits:


Manufacturers can use VBoard with ClipFoam as a sustainable solution to ship products safely while reducing the excess packaging components they use, decreasing their companies’ environmental impact.

Reduced Product Damage

VBoard with ClipFoam cushions products during transit, protecting them from potential damage. Its clear case design also prevents damage because it gives handlers a clear view of products, allowing them to handle each item with extra care. Protecting your products during shipping reduces the number of returns your company needs to process, resulting in happier customers and an excellent business reputation.

VBoard with ClipFoam also minimizes strapping damage due to its cushioning capabilities. You can combine it with PF PalletTop® to help pallet tops, bottoms and sides absorb impact.


Standard and custom print options allow you to display your company’s brand name, logos, colors and special messages on VBoard with ClipFoam. With customized shipping materials, you can increase your brand awareness among your audience.

VBoard With ClipFoam Sizes

You can purchase VBoard with ClipFoam in the following sizes:

  • 2×2 inches
  • 2.5×2.5 inches
  • 3×3 inches

You can also order VBoard with ClipFoam in customized sizes and choose a foam density that meets your product’s needs. These options are ideal if you need packaging for special applications.

Trust VBoard With ClipFoam for Your Shipping Needs

Great Northern Laminations has been offering strong, sustainable packaging with edge protection since 1973. VBoard with ClipFoam is excellent protective packaging that offers strength and cushioning for optimal protection during transit.

Contact Laminations to learn more about VBoard with ClipFoam and how it can improve your packaging and shipping operations.

See VBoard With ClipFoam Protection in Action

VBoard® with ClipFoam®—Strength with Cushioning

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