The Best Ways to Ship Industrial Equipment

Does your company manufacture or distribute heavy industrial equipment? Shipping these bulky, expensive products can be challenging, making it important to choose sturdy packaging materials that protect these valuable items while adding safety and reducing costs and labor.

Great Northern Laminations® offers VBoard® edge and corner protection products that are ideal for bulk loads like heavy industrial equipment. VBoard is lightweight, sturdy and easy to use. These characteristics allow you to create custom packaging solutions that meet your unique shipping requirements.

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Other Shipping Solutions for Industrial Equipment

We also offer additional products specifically designed for packaging industrial equipment.


SURECrate® is a comprehensive, turnkey alternative that is ideal for any heavy, hard-to-box items and can be customized to the precise needs of each solution. SURECrate has been used to protect a variety of industrial products, such as industrial conveyors, valves, laths, pool lifts and commercial refrigeration systems.

This reliable wood crate replacement is a self-contained, custom-engineered system constructed from 100% recycled laminated paper board materials. We designed the precut pieces to fit together easily, ensuring fast, hassle-free assembly.


UCrate® is a lightweight, yet highly durable, protective packaging option that provides substantial strength and enough flexibility to offer shock absorption capabilities. UCrate has been used to protect a variety of replacement parts for heavy industrial agricultural, material handling or shop equipment.

We designed UCrate to fit long, narrow products like metal rods, tubing and windows. The lightweight paperboard construction makes it easier to transport than wood but is strong enough to provide excellent impact resistance and substantial beam support. Custom interior packaging options are available to meet your specific shipping requirements.

What Types of Industrial Equipment Can Our Packaging Protect?

Use our packaging materials to keep various types of equipment safe during handling, storage and transport. Our solutions are ideal for any large, irregularly shaped or hard-to-box items, such as:

  • Heavy machinery
  • Electronic equipment
  • Construction machines
  • Conveyors
  • Commercial HVAC systems
  • Pool lifts
  • Lathes
  • Glass
  • Fragile instruments
  • Extrusions

Why Choose Great Northern Laminations?

Partnering with us for industrial equipment shipping solutions offers several benefits.

Wide Variety of Products

We strive to deliver the right packaging solutions for companies in a broad range of industries. Our extensive product line features dozens of options. We can also customize these items to meet your specifications and solve your business’s unique or challenging problems.

Regardless of which product you choose, you can feel confident that the industrial equipment you ship will arrive at its destination without damage. You’ll earn your customers’ trust when handling their valuable goods, helping you gain more repeat business and expand your base.

Cost Savings

Increasing shipping and packaging expenses can shrink your profit margins and take a substantial bite out of your bottom line. Our solutions enable our customers to achieve maximum results with the least amount of materials. Our materials are also lighter than wood, and the reduced weight can lower your company’s shipping costs.

Because our materials protect equipment so well, you will experience fewer instances of damaged goods that may require you to make costly replacements and handle labor-intensive product returns.


All our products our 100% recyclable, and many are reusable. Using them in an everyday packaging process can help your company meet your environmental objectives, and end users can dispose of the material more responsibly.

Learn More About How to Ship Industrial Products Safely and Affordably

Discover what makes Great Northern Laminations the best choice to protect your industrial equipment and provide more value for your shipping processes. Whether you’re a distributor or end user, we can deliver a custom solution that meets your shipping requirements and helps you save money. Call us at 800-925-2626 or contact us online for additional product and pricing information today.


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