HydroShield® Water Resistant Protection for Shipping

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Over the last few decades, water-resistant solutions for packaging applications have been some of the industry’s most significant technological advancements. These solutions consist of specialized coatings applied to packaging materials, acting as a barrier to keep products dry and safe during handling and transport. Great Northern Laminations® is proud to be at the forefront of these innovations by offering our HydroShield coating for many of our protective packaging lines.

HydroShield from Laminations is a proprietary water-resistant coating ideal for packaging applications in wet or humid environments. The coating forms a barrier that causes water to bead and roll off the material’s surface before it can penetrate the packaged item and cause damage. Besides its superior water-resistance properties, HydroShield delivers all the same great benefits as our other edge protection products.

Benefits of HydroShield From Laminations

When you choose products coated with HydroShield for your water-resistant packaging applications, you’ll enjoy benefits like:

HydroShield features a formula that delivers one of the most advanced water-resistant coatings in the packaging industry, providing a highly effective solution for a comprehensive application range.

Decreased spoilage and reduced product damage translate to increased cost savings and reduced time and labor compared to conventional packaging materials.

We can apply HydroShield to many of our edge protection products, including VBoard®, UChannel® and PF Pallet Top®, and this solution is available in various sizes and calipers with custom or stock printing options.

Our HydroShield materials are repulpable and 100% recyclable, so they’re a highly sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution.

HydroShield Applications

HydroShield products work well for almost any packaging application requiring superior protection from water and moisture. Packaging solutions coated with HydroShield are ideal for pallet stabilization and corner protection in food and beverage processing facilities because they help preserve perishable items. In addition, manufacturers that produce electronics and other sensitive components benefit from our coatings, which help them maintain product integrity and protect their products in high humidity conditions.

Discover Effective Packaging Products With Laminations

If you want to learn more about how our HydroShield packaging solutions can benefit your unique operations, a representative from Laminations can assist you. We can guide you through multiple packaging options to help you determine the most practical and effective solution that aligns with your shipping requirements. Contact us online today with questions or to obtain additional product information.

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