Window & Door Packaging

Our full lineup of sustainable corner and edge protection solutions offers highly durable, effective coverage for shipping all shapes and types of windows and doors, including garage doors. The products also provide easy application and removal, ensuring maximum worker productivity and safety.

UChannel® is engineered to deliver custom three-sided edge protection for windows and doors. Its unique single-piece construction can be formed into a wide variety of widths and leg lengths to meet your exact needs.

FlexRoll® is a continuous-length roll edge protector designed to precisely conform to and protect the edges of curved, round and irregular-shaped windows and doors.

FlexBoard® heavy-duty edge protection features evenly spaced sequential notches that enable it to be configured for almost any shape, making it especially useful in protecting arched windows and other curved or unusually shaped architectural components.

FlatBoard® is flexible edge protection that is delivered flat but transforms to meet the needs of your application. Its versatile design can be scored, slit scored, folded, die cut, glued or perforated.

NotchBoard® features die-cut notches and scores that permit easy hand-folding into an exact 90-degree, one-piece edge guards and corner protectors.

VBoard® can be stapled to window frames or combined with foam or other custom products, to prevent cargo strapping damage and to safeguard edges.

Mega VBoard® offers mega-size corner and edge protection for all types, shapes and sizes of windows and doors, and is available in sizes up to 9″ x 9″ (2″ leg minimum) or custom offset leg lengths, with standard length extension to 300″ or longer in custom applications.

VGuard® corner protection, when stapled to the corners of window frames, keeps them from rubbing against one another during transport to the job site.

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