Protective Packaging for Windows and Doors

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Because of their unique shape and fragile nature, windows and doors require different types of packaging than many other products. Edge protection from Great Northern Laminations® offers the best protection for windows and doors, cushioning against blows to corners and edges while preventing damage from strapping and abrasive plastic wraps. Our products also increase cost savings by using significantly less material than most traditional cardboard designs.

Benefits of Using Protective Door and Window Packaging

While some window and door manufacturers cut cardboard packaging material for each size product by hand, an edge protection solution from Laminations can minimize the material you use while offering more efficient handling and improved packaging speeds. These edge protectors have the ability to nest, taking up less warehouse space and allowing you to manage your production space optimally.

Other benefits our edge protectors for windows and doors offer include:

  • Improved stackability
  • Increased palletization strength
  • Resistance against scratching and abrasion
  • Protection against strapping
  • Significant cost savings over traditional cardboard packaging
  • Ability to utilize various designs, thicknesses and sizes.
  • Customized printing capabilities

Edge Protection Options for Windows and Doors

Our selection of sustainable paperboard corner and edge protectors provides cost-effective and durable solutions for a broad range of door and window products, including oversized items like garage doors. Some examples of the specific types of packaging for doors and windows we supply are:

UChannel® provides three-sided protection to secure all product surfaces while offering a single-piece construction customizable to various leg lengths and widths

VChannel® can be easily converted into UChannel® and is engineered to deliver three-sided protection for windows and doors during transit

VBoard® can attach to window frame edges or combine with foam to safeguard product edges and prevent damage from strapping

FlexRoll® comes in continuous-form rolls, allowing you to cut the exact amount of material for your round or irregularly-shaped products

NotchBoard® contains die-cut slits, scores and notches that enable users to quickly fold it over a product to form a one-piece, 90-degree edge protector

Why Choose Laminations?

At Laminations, we strive to offer our clients the best packaging solutions for nearly any item, including irregularly shaped doors and windows. We go above and beyond to provide our customers with solutions that other packaging companies do not offer. Some of the advantages you’ll experience when partnering with us include:

  • Over 50 years of packaging expertise developing the most innovative solutions
  • Various customization options to accommodate a vast range of products
  • The ability to mix and match materials to create an ideal packaging solution
  • Access to ISTA® 6 testing and certification services to evaluate packaging design effectiveness

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