ScuffShield FInal

ScuffShield® takes the protective strength of VBoard® and combines it with an abrasion-resistant coating, resulting in a scratch-proof edge protector that helps safeguard your product from scuffing and scratches during shipping and handling.

Product Applications

What sets ScuffShield apart is the ingenious design of its interior legs, which feature a specialized abrasion-resistant coating. This coating serves as a protective shield, sealing off the rough fibers of the paperboard and ensuring a flawlessly smooth surface against your valuable products. There are many applications for ScuffShield, making it ideal for shipping and storing furniture, appliances, glass, plastic and other products with surfaces prone to damage.

Benefits of ScuffShield Coating

ScuffShield defends against a range of potential threats during transit and storage in indoor and outdoor environments. The coating is also unique in that it can be applied to other Great Northern Laminations product offerings. Additional benefits of using this innovative custom packing solution material include:

  • Protecting delicate finishes against scratches, abrasions, nicks and dents
  • Coating all standard VBoard and U-Shapes
  • Coming in standard widths, caliper and finished lengths

ISTA Testing

Our certified International Safe Transit Association (ISTA®) test lab is equipped to determine if your packages, fortified with scratch-proof edge protectors, are optimally designed. Through rigorous testing, we can evaluate how effectively your custom packaging solution prevents product damage.

Customized Printing

ScuffShield can be printed with your company’s logo or message. This feature lets you personalize your package with brand colors, logos and messages to your customers. You can also change your design during seasonal holidays or highlight certain months.

This service also lets you print specific colors for certain products, making it easy for staff to grab what they need when packaging. We offer stock print options in 23 standard colors for your use.


Great Northern Laminations takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability by designing and engineering packaging solutions that utilize few materials and comprise recyclable materials. ScuffShield is one of many products that are 100% recyclable. You can trust that our packaging helps protect your products and enables you to contribute to a sustainable future.

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