ScuffShield FInalScuffShield® takes the protective strength of VBoard® and adds an abrasion-resistant coating to protect delicate finishes from scuffing and scratches that can occur in shipping and handling. ScuffShield is the perfect edge protector for furniture and appliances. The interior legs of ScuffShield have a special abrasion-resistant coating that seals off the rough fibers of the paperboard, leaving a smooth surface against the product. The ScuffShield coating also can be applied to other Laminations product offerings.

  • Protect delicate finishes against scratches, abrasion, nicks and dents
  • Ideal for use in shipping and storing furniture, appliances, glass, plastic and other products with surfaces that can easily be damaged
  • Repulpable coating means ScuffShield is 100% recyclable
  • Can be printed with your company’s logo or message
  • Coating can be applied to all standard VBoard and U-Shapes
  • Available in standard widths, caliper and finished lengths

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