SURECrate® Packaging – A Wood Crate Replacement

VBoard-SustainPalletPkg5215The SURECrate® Custom Engineered Solution is a comprehensive, turnkey alternative that offers a lower total cost solution to packaging and shipping large or irregular- shaped products. It’s ideal for any heavy or hard-to-box items and is a superior choice to wood crating.

Made from the same 100% recycled laminated paperboard materials as all Laminations® products, each SURECrate Custom Engineered Solution is a complete engineered system that is customized to the precise needs of each solution.

The SURECrate Custom Engineered solution includes three elements:

  • Consultation: the Laminations account manager and a packaging engineer assess the situation, taking into consideration the product(s) being shipped, the distribution environment involved and any special circumstances.
  • Engineering: the Laminations engineering team determines the SURECrate System design, provides specs/drawings for assembly, and advises the customer on assembly tools and pallet requirements.
  • Final Product: precut SURECrate System pieces are shipped to the customer for easy and quick assembly


Benefits of Using SURECrate for Shipping

SURECrate provides a top-quality option for packaging and shipping with these impressive advantages:

  • Wood shipping crate alternative: Because wood isn’t a manufactured item, it can often vary in thickness and contains imperfections such as knots, cracks or warping, reducing the material’s strength. The laminated paperboard in a SURECrate is cleaner and easier to handle, with a smooth, perfected surface providing consistent and reliable performance even in humid or damp environments. Not needing heat treatment on these materials offers a more simplistic building process with a faster timeline and less labor, allowing cost savings.
  • Ideal for heavy and hard-to-box items: The innovative laminated paperboard exceeds wood stacking strength to protect your heavy and large-value items. In addition to offering extreme durability, the design’s open sides allow easier packing of items with unique shapes. Better accommodation for different items provides more safety in the supply chain with handling, transportation and storage.
  • Made from 100% recycled materials: A SURECrate consists of 80% post-consumer waste and 20% pre-consumer waste. Because SURECrate is made from the same 100% recycled laminated paperboard materials as all Laminations® products, you can dispose of it easily and responsibly. Choosing a sustainable option like this can help your business reduce its carbon print and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Customizable shipping crates to fit your unique application: Each SURECrate Custom Engineered Solution is a completely engineered system customized to each solution’s precise needs. Printing capabilities let you add a logo, tagline, product code or handling instructions. Over 23 colors to choose from enable you to portray your branding, product variations or seasonal items as desired.


Why Choose Laminations?

At Laminations, we have over 50 years of experience and have grown as a leader in the packing business. Our cost-effective solutions are a top choice among all industries, including appliances and electronics, doors and windows, industrial equipment, furniture and shelving, recreational vehicles, steel and produce/food.




We’re committed to providing the innovative and customizable options you need with our wide range of products, such as our SURECrate. Our corner and edge protection solutions offer an excellent safeguard for your items during all aspects of the supply chain. We offer International Safe Transit Association (ISTA®) 6 test lab services to ensure ideal package integrity so you can reduce the damages or replacements needed and have peace of mind.


Contact Us for More Information About SURECrate

If you need help picking the perfect packaging, our dedicated team of professionals can answer your questions and give you detailed recommendations after understanding your goals. To learn more information about our SURECrate and other products, call us at 800-925-2626, or fill out a contact form today!

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