Heavy Manufacturing Equipment Meets It’s Match with SURECrate®

Mayfran is a global leader in providing solutions for scrap and coolant management, and material handling in metalworking, recycling, solid waste processing, and other applications. The company is an original outfitter for machine tool manufacturers as well as machine tool users.


  • Deliver Mayfran International conveyor systems to its customers in the same quality condition in which they left the manufacturing floor
  • Replace the current wooden crating packaging with a cost-effective solution
  • Eliminate the damage caused by the wooden crating when it would break and vibrate against the equipment; resulting in visible marks against the paint

What We Did

  • Partnered with S & S in Cleveland to replace the wooden crate with Laminations SURECrate® Custom Engineered Solution
  • Created a paperboard solution with superior strength and cracking resistance; rooting out the vibration issue at its source
  • Developed a solution that was 100% recyclable and that could be used across all of Mayfran’s global shipping needs
  • Used custom print options to create a new, polished look for Mayfran shipments, complete with the company logo for enhanced recognition


  • Mayfran is now better able to keep their quality commitment to its customers with a cost-effective wood replacement that reinforces its brand and image
Before: Using a wood crate
After: Using Laminations SURECrate®
SURECrate success story

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