FlexRoll by Great Northern Laminations
Pre-bent, perforated, sequential pieces allow for quick and easy application to products.

FlexRoll® is a continuous-length roll designed to protect curved, round and irregular-shaped products by conforming to their edges to ensure the material beneath does not get damaged during shipping and storage.

Edge Protection on a Roll

  • Ideal for converters of paper and other roll stock materials, or any application where lighter-weight protection is appropriate
  • Separates rolls from contact with truck walls and floor; an ideal way to create a barrier between individual rolls
  • 250 ft. rolls available in a .045” grade
  • Standard sizes available in 3” band with 3” fingers as well as 3.5” and 5” band with 5” pre-bent triangular fingers
  • Perforated fingers for easy bending and application
  • Compatible with other forms of roll packaging such as headers, banding, and stretch wrapping
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sold in full pallet quantities
  • Sample pack available with 50 ft. coil for trial evaluation


Both standard and custom print options are available for this product.

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