VChannel® edge protection keeps products safe during transport and in storage. VChannel is an effective and precise shipping solution you can use to save space, time and money. Consider the benefits of VChannel edge protection for your next shipment.

What Is Edge Protection?

Edge protection products protect items from damage in storage or during shipping. Edge protectors pad and stabilize products, preventing stretch-wrapped and strapped loads from shifting. Edge protection is a crucial part of shipment packaging.

VChannel Edge Protection

VChannel edge protection provides three-sided padding for doors and windows. This precise solution comes in a single-piece construction, allowing you to form it into various widths and lengths for custom transport protection.

VChannel is also an excellent solution for storing and shipping garage doors. With the same strength as UChannel® edge protectors, VChannel protection keeps products intact during transport. It is also made of lighter materials than alternative shipping solutions, helping reduce shipping costs.

Edge Protection Benefits of VChannel

VChannel edge protection offers the following benefits for your operations:

  • Easy stacking: VChannel edge protection makes stacking large products such as doors and windows easy and straightforward without hassle or damage.
  • Efficiency: VChannel helps companies save space and money. With this strong edge protection, you can ship products without purchasing bulky wood crates or corrugated boards. Its lightweight construction can also help you save money on shipping.
  • Optimized transport: Depend on VChannel to protect your products during shipping so you can transport them with peace of mind.
  • Customization: Standard and custom print options allow you to customize your VChannel edge protection with your unique brand name, logos and colors. Make your products stand out more and create brand recognition among your customers.
  • Environmental friendliness: Great Northern Laminations produces shipping solutions made of recycled materials, allowing you to ship products while reducing your environmental impact. Plus, end users can easily dispose of the edge protectors after receiving their product.

Contact Laminations for Custom VChannel Edge Protection Solutions

Since 1973, Laminations has offered packaging solutions such as high-quality edge protection for your shipping needs. VChannel edge protectors are customizable, allowing you to precisely fit pieces to each product and brand them with your company’s name, colors and logos. With our edge protection, you can easily stack products for optimized shipping.

Contact Laminations to learn more about VChannel edge protection and how we can help you ship your products safely and efficiently.

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