Four Benefits of Innovative Corner and Edge Protection Solutions

Benefits of Edge and Corner Protective Packaging

Damage resulting from shipping and handling products can quickly change customer perceptions of your brand. Costly returns, potential loss of future orders, and negative reviews are just a few examples of what can happen when your product arrives damage and all can have a significant financial impact for your company. There are many advantages of using innovative corner and edge protection solutions, here are four. 

  1. Product Protection – Protect your products while preserving your profits. Our engineered solutions are specifically designed for your application, allowing us to provide protective solutions for products of nearly any size or shape – maximizing packaging effectiveness and your cost savings. Our in-house team of packaging engineers and designers give us the depth to respond quickly and accurately with quality protection that fit your unique needs.  
  2. User-friendly Disposal – One of the most unique features of Laminations’ corner and edge protection solutions is the ease of disposal. Our solutions are made from 100% recycled paperboard and are 100% recyclable – making it easy and hassle free to dispose of our edge and corner protectors when finished.
  3. Increase Efficiencies – Whether you’re looking to crate and contain a warehouse of pallets or protect e-commerce packages, our corner and edge protection solutions are lightweight, easy to store, assemble and remove. Not only are Laminations’ solutions lighter than traditional edge protection solutions, but they also take up less space when they are being shipped and stored because of their ability to nest.
  4. Maximize Brand Awareness – Our solutions allow you to communicate critical information by adding color and messages to the product. The corner and edge protection solutions can be used to display your logo, promotional tagline, handling instructions, product code or other information for extra visibility and brand impact without any additional materials.  

Our diverse offerings allow us to provide innovative edge protection solutions for products of nearly any size and shape, helping you maximize packaging effectiveness and cost savings. Learn more about our wide variety of corner and edge protection products and solutions.  

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