Innovative B2B Packaging

The business-to-business (B2B) packaging landscape is evolving. Businesses are moving away from traditional B2B shipping methods. For this reason, innovation and keeping up with trends can set your brand apart.

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How to Prevent Damage During Shipping

Packaging aims to ensure a package arrives safely and in as good a condition as when a customer would choose one in the store. Unfortunately, among the 161 billion parcels shipped globally yearly, some are more prone to damage during the process. Damaged packages lead to financial loss, delays and disappointment for both the recipient and sender. Preventing damage during shipping is important to avoid unnecessary costs, maintain customer satisfaction and minimize your environmental impact.

For business owners looking for ways to protect packages, let’s show you how to prevent damage during shipping processes.

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Is Wood Crating Still the Best Option?

Wood crates are typically used to transport fragile, heavy or unusually shaped goods from one place to another. The main benefits of these crates are their durability, customization and sustainability. Due to the sturdy nature of wood, many manufacturers also use them for their stacking strength. Packaging has substantially advanced in recent years, but many industrial companies still use wooden crates because of their familiarity. Some businesses are unaware that alternatives may offer more protection, greater efficiency and greater cost-effectiveness.

Is wood crating still the best option? Let’s look at the benefits, disadvantages and alternatives to wood shipping crates for those looking for innovative packaging solutions.

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What To Consider for Your E-Commerce Packaging

The way people sell and buy items has changed drastically following the advent of the Internet. E-commerce sales are gaining momentum, exceeding 5.7 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide every year. With so many new opportunities, protecting products throughout the supply chain — from warehouse to doorstep — has never been more important. Shipping packages increases the risk for products to be damaged. That’s why you need a package design that can sustain any transit.

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Why Use Custom Engineered Solutions

Corner and edge protection materials

Custom-engineered solutions let your product’s packaging fit it exactly. This results in efficient protection that ensures your product remains undamaged when it’s in transit to the end user.

Customers, clients and you need custom packaging solutions that are efficient, adaptable and innovative. Unlike traditional packaging solutions that require excessive materials, our offerings are designed with protection and sustainability in mind.

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