How to Pack Irregularly Shaped Items

Packing irregularly shaped items presents unique challenges that can make the packaging process more complex. Standard packaging solutions are made with regular shapes in mind, such as rectangles and squares. Irregularly shaped items may not fit in these standard packages and may require additional protection.

Additionally, irregularly shaped or sized items may have delicate or fragile components that require careful handling and protection. Ensuring these vulnerable areas are adequately shielded during transit is a priority to prevent damage.

But the main issue is simply that irregularly shaped or sized items do not easily fit within standard packaging dimensions, leading to inefficient use of space. The excess space and awkward packaging can result in wasted materials and increased shipping costs due to oversized packaging. Finding ways to optimize the use of space while providing adequate protection requires creative packaging solutions tailored to the specific item’s dimensions.

Overcoming the challenges of packaging irregularly shaped or sized items requires innovative thinking, customization and expertise in protective packaging solutions. Partnering with packaging providers experienced in handling unique shapes and sizes can help businesses find effective and tailored solutions that address the specific challenges of packaging irregularly shaped or sized items.

What Materials Are Best for Shipping Oddly Shaped or Sized Items?

Protective packaging serves a variety of functions beyond just product protection. It also provides increased stability and stacking strength, allowing for safer transportation and storage of your items. When searching for the ideal material to safeguard your irregularly shaped or sized items, one option that stands out is paperboard packaging products.

Paperboard packaging offers advantages over traditional edge protectors, making it an excellent choice for shipping oddly shaped items. One benefit is that paperboard packaging requires significantly less material than its conventional counterparts. This helps to reduce costs and promotes sustainability by minimizing the use of resources.

These products can be tailored to suit various sizes, shapes and thicknesses, providing the protection required for your specific items. From shipping fragile artwork, irregularly shaped machinery components or oddly sized products, paperboard packaging can be tailored to fit your needs precisely.


The SURECrate® Custom Engineered Solution offers an alternative that stands out from traditional wood crating. The differentiator of SURECrate® packaging lies in its construction. Each SURECrate® Custom Engineered Solution is engineered to meet the unique requirements of heavy or hard-to-box items.

SURECrate® Packaging offers several impressive advantages over traditional wood shipping crates:

  • Wood alternative: Unlike wood, which can have different thicknesses and contain imperfections, the laminated paperboard used in SURECrate® provides a cleaner and more consistent material. It boasts a smooth, perfected surface that ensures reliable performance, even in humid or damp environments.
  • Sustainability: SURECrate® is made from 100% recycled materials. Of this, 80% comes from post-consumer waste. The rest is pre-consumer waste. By choosing SURECrate® packaging, you will contribute to reducing your business’s carbon footprint.
  • Customizability: Each SURECrate® Custom Engineered Solution is fully customizable to suit your unique application. The printing capabilities of SURECrate® allow you to add your logo, tagline, product code or handling instructions, enhancing brand visibility and providing clear guidance for recipients. With over 23 colors, you can also align the crate’s appearance with your branding, showcase product variations or introduce seasonal themes.

EBoard® Packaging

With an increased volume of online transactions comes a higher risk of product damage during transit. EBoard® packaging provides an easy-to-use and effective solution for protecting your products during e-commerce shipping:

  • Reduce product damage: With EBoard®, you can prevent damage to your products and protect your investment during transit.
  • Easy application and removal: Applying EBoard® to your packages is a breeze — all you have to do is peel and place the products, and consumers can effortlessly remove them upon package arrival.
  • Minimize packaging material: Our pre-cut EBoard® sizes help you limit waste, streamlining your packaging process.

FlexBoard® Packaging

FlexBoard® is a flexible edge protection solution that safeguards curved, round and irregularly shaped products during shipping and storage. Its unique construction allows it to conform to the edges of these products, ensuring that the material beneath remains undamaged throughout the transportation process. FlexBoard® is:

  • Ideal for curved, rounded and irregularly shaped products: Designed to protect products with unconventional shapes, FlexBoard® is particularly well-suited for curved, rounded and irregular-shaped items, such as coiled and spooled materials and rounded furniture. Its flexibility allows it to conform to the contours of these products, providing reliable edge protection.
  • Durable with laminated paperboard construction: FlexBoard® is constructed from durable laminated paperboard, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of shipping and handling while effectively protecting the edges of your valuable products.

Tips for Packing Oddly Shaped Items

The key to packing oddly shaped items is ensuring proper protection and stability. Here are some essential tips to consider when packing items with unique shapes:

  • Don’t leave sharp edges sticking out: Ensure that any sharp edges or protrusions of the article are appropriately protected and covered. Sharp edges can damage the packaging and pose a risk of injury to handlers during transit. Use appropriate padding or protective materials to safeguard these areas.
  • Test the strength of the box you are using: Make sure the container you choose is sturdy enough to withstand the weight and shape of the item. Irregular-shaped items may put pressure on certain packaging points, so selecting a box with sufficient strength and durability is essential. Consider using double-walled or reinforced boxes for added protection.
  • Add directional notes: Clearly label the package with directional notes indicating any special handling requirements. Use labels such as “fragile,” “handle with care,” or “this side up” to guide handlers and ensure proper treatment of the package. If the item is particularly heavy, indicate its weight to prevent mishandling.
  • Add protective interior packaging: Use appropriate materials to protect the item during transit. This may include bubble wrap, foam inserts, packing peanuts or custom-fit cushioning. Ensure the item is securely nestled within the packaging, providing adequate padding and preventing movement or shifting during transportation.
  • Consider custom packaging solutions: Sometimes, odd-shaped items may require custom packaging solutions to provide the best possible protection. Custom crates, foam inserts or molded packaging can be tailored specifically to the shape and dimensions of the item, ensuring a snug fit and optimal safety.
  • Reinforce weak points: Identify any weak points or vulnerable areas of the item and reinforce them with additional padding or protective materials. Pay close attention to corners, edges or delicate components prone to damage.
  • Test the packaging: Before sending out the package, perform a test by gently shaking or moving it to ensure that the item remains secure and well-protected. Adjust the interior packaging accordingly to provide better stability if you notice any movement or shifting.

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