Why Use Custom Engineered Solutions

Corner and edge protection materials

Custom-engineered solutions let your product’s packaging fit it exactly. This results in efficient protection that ensures your product remains undamaged when it’s in transit to the end user.

Customers, clients and you need custom packaging solutions that are efficient, adaptable and innovative. Unlike traditional packaging solutions that require excessive materials, our offerings are designed with protection and sustainability in mind.

Why Choose Custom Packaging?

Here’s a look at a few of the benefits of custom packaging and how it can help you save on packaging costs.

Solve Packaging Problems

Packaging may seem like the least of your worries in manufacturing, and it is often overlooked.  Often, businesses forget that their products have to survive rough handling and sometimes even harsh climates and environments.  Without consistent and reliable packaging, your product won’t make it to the customer undamaged. The issues that a damaged product creates don’t just stop at delivery either. They can also affect your reputation and increase operation costs. Taking time to invest in custom packaging can help eradicate these problems.

For example, irregularly shaped items introduce various issues into the packaging process. These products might be delicate or have fragile components or odd-shaped corners. Standard packaging solutions will often involve putting the item in an over-large box and then filling it with protective materials to provide cushioning. This results in wasted space during transit and excessive material being used.

Custom packaging solutions are engineered to handle these very issues. They provide ideal protection by attending to the two main areas of packaging — the interior and exterior.

The interior needs to be able to cushion the product and provide support. We create the support with materials such as polystyrene or our polywoven airbags. The other element is reducing the overall internal spacing to ensure the items are secure and don’t move around, which can reduce the chance of breakage.

The exterior is all about ensuring the product stays safe from external factors. Our corner and edge protectors are ideal for the job. You can also use our water-resistant packaging.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty & Brand Reputation

The first impression of your company comes from the packaging. If your product is arriving in a damaged box, which most likely will result in a damaged product, there is an immediate distaste from the end user and ultimately could impact your customer loyalty. By choosing a custom engineered solution you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve taken the right steps to reduce the damage that can happen in transit and help strengthen your customer loyalty. After all, loyal customers are returning customers.

Custom packaging can also reflect your brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Additionally, environmentally friendly practices align with the values of a growing segment of consumers who prioritize sustainability.

Customers with positive experiences are more likely to become brand advocates. Positive experiences are shared in reviews, with friends and family and on social media. Custom packaging contributes to these positive experiences and encourages word-of-mouth marketing, which can significantly improve your brand’s reputation.

Lower Packaging Costs

Offering custom-engineered solutions can help solve packaging issues, strengthen customer loyalty and help you lower your packaging costs. By designing a custom-engineered solution, you can reduce or eliminate filler needed on the inside of your packaging, which can result in lowering your packaging costs.

Because our packaging solutions fit your product like a glove, fewer materials are involved, saving costs. We can also offer to test the package with our certified ISTA® 6 test lab. This step ensures your product can withstand the conditions and hazards it may encounter during transit.

Learn more about our custom-engineered packaging solutions or contact our in-house team of packaging engineers to get started today.

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