What To Consider for Your E-Commerce Packaging

The way people sell and buy items has changed drastically following the advent of the Internet. E-commerce sales are gaining momentum, exceeding 5.7 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide every year. With so many new opportunities, protecting products throughout the supply chain — from warehouse to doorstep — has never been more important. Shipping packages increases the risk for products to be damaged. That’s why you need a package design that can sustain any transit.

Types of E-Commerce Packaging

Seasoned e-commerce business owners recognize the value that packaging can bring to the products they sell. Below are a few common types of packaging often used in e-commerce:

  • Corrugated boxes: Corrugated cardboard boxes are the packaging material of choice for most businesses. These boxes are strong and durable but also lightweight, cost-effective and recyclable.
  • Mailers: Mailers are ideal for small or flat hand-held items reinforced with bubble wrap or other cushioning
  • Envelopes: Light items that are not fragile are often shipped in envelopes encased in zipper-lock plastic bags
  • Bags: Many businesses use recycled paper bags produced in bulk to ship small or soft items.

How to Choose E-Commerce Packaging

There are a few things to consider beyond its functional role of keeping items safe when choosing your ideal e-commerce packaging.

Strength of E-Commerce Packaging Materials

The last thing your end-user wants to see when their delivery arrives is a damaged box. Although certain materials provide higher levels of strength, using appropriate corner and edge protection plays a big role in preventing damage to any shipping boxes. Make sure your package is optimized to provide superior protection and has the strength to withstand the potential conditions and hazards that could be encountered.

Package Design for E-Commerce Businesses

Many businesses strive to create eye-catching packages with creative designs, unique packaging materials or personalized messages — creating an exciting unboxing experience. Additionally, properly designed packages ensure that products reach their destination safely, indirectly conveying customers a sense of reliability and care.

Even edge protection can be customized to protect just about any type of package, regardless of size, weight or application. The right edge protection lowers cost by significantly reducing damages and returns. With the right printing solutions, businesses can use effective designs to protect products with fewer packaging materials. In turn, it increases customer satisfaction and repeat purchases formed by strong brand loyalty.

Product Protection

Ensuring your product can withstand potential conditions and hazards encountered throughout shipping can be challenging. Parcels go through many hands in today’s complex e-commerce supply chain. It’s important to test your packaging and fillers to ensure your products will be protected from damage caused by:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Vibrations
  • Contaminants
  • Humidity
  • Tampering

Environmental Impact

Consumers are focusing more on eco-friendly packaging than ever before, requiring new packaging designs. Sustainability means reducing the amount of product packaging, increasing the amount of renewable materials and using less energy in manufacturing and shipping. This includes reducing excess filler waste while still providing enough protection to the items inside packages. Sustainable packaging designs can contribute to cost efficiency and align your brand with environmentally conscious customers. Fortunately, various corner and edge protection solutions are made from 100% recycled paperboard, making it easy for your customers to dispose of.

Type of Product

Your product’s type, size, shape and weight will determine the packaging you’ll use and how much space it will take up in the shipment process:

  • Product type: While many products require basic packaging, fragile items need extra protection and perishable goods may require insulation. For hazardous goods, functionality and protection trump style in packaging.
  • Size and shape: It’s best to use packaging that closely fits your product’s size to reduce the risk of damage and minimize the need for extra filling. Bigger packages tend to have higher shipping costs.
  • Weight: Heavier packages cost more for shipping and need sturdier packaging materials to withstand the weight

Ensure Your Packages Arrive Looking Good With Great Northern Laminations®

Whether you’re shipping valuable, heavy or large products, Laminations can help you with e-commerce packaging solutions. Hence, your deliveries can arrive at their destinations in good condition and damage-free the first time. As part of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), our experienced team can test your packaging solution’s integrity through our ISTA® 6 testing and certification services to ensure your products remain protected through the last mile.

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