PerfBoard® perforated protection enhances product stackability with the added convenience of perforated legs for fast, snap-off product layer separation.

Perforation allows the legs to be easily snapped off by hand or machine at intervals prior to being applied to pallet load corners. PerfBoard® is also easily snapped off by clamp trucks when layers of stacked product are separated.

Great Northern Laminations® is your home for PerfBoard and a wide range of additional sustainable packaging solutions. Our capabilities also include to-spec custom design for your unique product-protection challenges.

PerfBoard Features and Specs

PerfBoard is available in calipers up to 0.160 inches with standard leg lengths up to 4-by-4 inches with custom leg lengths available. Standard product lengths extend to 300 inches, but longer product lengths are available.

The perforated edge protector is designed for use with automated pallet assembly systems, can be custom-printed with logos or instructions and is 100% recyclable.

Benefits of PerfBoard Perforated Edge Protectors

Our PerfBoard edge protectors offer multiple benefits.

Extra Reinforcement

PerfBoard transforms a vulnerable package point into a strength by providing an additional layer of support. The extra reinforcement helps facilitate greater stability through more even weight distribution across the pallet. As a result, these products help increase stackability. They also enhance other securing solutions, like tape and stretch wrap, to provide even better performance.

Damage Prevention

Edge protectors like PerfBoard are robust safeguards against damage during transit and in warehouse settings. These solutions can help prevent damage like dents and scratches.

The added support these products offer can also help reduce the damage potential resulting from secured packages shifting, falling or smashing together during transportation.

Money Savings

PerfBoard allows you to customize the edge protector’s fit to your product. Operators can easily snap the board to the right length for the package layer. Doing so can help your company save money through less waste since it reduces the scrap. Additionally, there’s less need for you to stock multiple leg lengths of edge protectors when you can use what you need from a singular solution.

Why Work With Laminations?

There are many reasons to make Laminations your partner of choice, including our:

  • Tradition of excellence: We’re an award-winning team focused on delivering successful damage-prevention solutions for our customers
  • Industry experience: Our team boasts over 50 years of industry expertise and service for unparalleled product knowledge
  • Individualized attention: Laminations is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized customer service
  • Custom solution design: When your needs go beyond a standard product, our team will help you create a custom packaging solution to meet them
  • Corporate social responsibility: We’ve developed and embraced corporate social responsibility policies to demonstrate our commitment to caring for people and the planet
  • Testing and certification services: Our facility contains an International Safe Transit Association (ISTA®) 6-certified lab to help ensure your packaging integrity
  • Product variety: We offer numerous edge protection solutions to meet modern damage-prevention needs

Contact Laminations for Perforated Edge Protectors for Packages

When you reach out to us, our team will help you find the ideal sustainable solution for your needs with our classic products or collaborate with you on a custom design. Call 800-925-2626 for assistance or connect with us online for more information.

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