Polywoven Air Bags

Polywoven Air Bags are the best available in the industry. With superior performance, Great Northern Laminations’ Polywoven Air Bags are moisture resistant, easy to inflate and install, and more efficient overall than those made from Kraft paper.

Benefits of Polywoven Air Bags

These packaging options have various benefits, making them a top choice to safeguard your products during transit:

  • Moisture resistant: Because of the material used to make Polywoven Air Bags, they can withstand humidity, moisture and wet weather
  • Easy to inflate and install: The user-friendly design ensures you can efficiently protect your products with a simple and quick process, inflating the bags for use and then deflating them for storage
  • Reusable: Other products will disintegrate over time or get damaged in transit, but Polywoven Air Bags are durable and easy to reuse over and over, making them cost-efficient

Testing for Protection

We ensure our packaging offers the highest level of protection, especially when products are subjected to rough handling during shipping and transit. We can conduct in-house tests at our certified International Safe Transit Association (ISTA®) test lab, subjecting our products to shipping vibrations, various handling situations and moisture from indoor humidity or outdoor weather.

Our team customizes this quality control testing for your packaging according to your specific needs and shipping choices, from ships and trucks to trains. In fact, the Polywoven Air Bags are certified by the American Association of Railroads, so you can trust that they’ll stand up to the rigors of shipping Over the Road (OTR), Intermodal or on the Rail.

Sustainability Packaging

At Laminations, we are invested in changing the packaging sector with custom solutions that are not only efficient but also highly sustainable. Each Polywoven Air Bag uses fewer materials than traditional options while maintaining high protection. The product is also 100% recyclable and can be reused, increasing its economic and environmental value. Simply deflate after use and the bag will be ready for your next shipment.

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