The Impact of Proper Packaging on Window and Door Quality During Transportation

As a business owner, you want to deliver undamaged products and build good customer relations. To achieve this, protecting windows and doors during transport is crucial. Packaging is handled several times before reaching your client, so the importance of proper packaging in shipping is vital.

Common Transportation Challenges

Several factors during the shipping process can impact doors and windows as they make their way to your customers. Many people handle the items when stacking them in the warehouse and on the truck. While in transit, windows and doors are prone to:

  • Shocks: These can occur while maneuvering speed control bumps, uneven roads or potholes
  • Vibrations: Vibrations are inevitable during driving and can have a significant impact on windows and doors
  • Shifting of the load: Load shifting can occur due to improper loading. Sudden shifts in loads can damage sensitive components, so the right packaging for shipping should be your top priority.

Role of Packaging in Quality Preservation

The proper packaging helps ensure your windows and doors are well-protected while being handled and transported. Corners and edges, protruding handles and glass are especially vulnerable to damage. Edge protection and other tailored packaging solutions can help your business preserve the integrity of product in transit by shielding such sensitive areas.

Impact on Customer Satisfaction

As a business owner, you want repeat customers who trust you to deliver quality, undamaged goods on time whenever they order from you. The best way to ensure you obtain that customer loyalty is by being consistent. Delivering goods similar to those displayed when your customer purchased them shows your reliability.

Deliver Your Items Using Packaging You Can Trust

The importance of packaging for transportation is clear. Corners, handles and glass in these items need specialized packaging to deliver high-quality, undamaged items to your customers. We at Great Northern Laminations® are committed to providing the best in sustainable transportation packaging for your items. Get in touch with us by contacting us online or calling us at 888-925-1645 to learn more.

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