How To Help Your Customers Improve Their Packaging Sustainability

Improve your Packaging Sustainability

Sustainability is the hot topic of discussion when it comes to today’s packaging solutions. Everyone is looking for ways to utilize more effective designs to achieve the same amount of product protection while using fewer packaging materials to help reduce carbon footprints. 

Consumers are continuously looking for companies who are using eco-friendly and recycled and reusable packaging alternatives, prioritizing waste reduction. Manufacturers are looking for ways to ensure efficient transportation and delivery of packages while still utilizing sustainable solutions.

Here are 7 ways to achieve sustainable packaging with Laminations:  

Remove Over-Packaging  
Laminations’ products remove excess or “over-packaging,” allowing suppliers to get exactly what they need for their logistics environment without the need for extra packaging components. For example, just four pieces of our VBoard® can unitize and stabilize a pallet load with the use of stretch wrap and/or banding, eliminating the need for large, awkward corrugated shrouds, and making your packaging more sustainable.  

Reduce Packaging  
By providing maximum protection with a minimum amount of packaging material, Laminations’ products are the environmentally responsible choice. Our VBoard products have excellent strength, allowing customers to downgauge corrugated cases.  

Reuse Product Packaging  
Many Laminations products can be returned and reused in a closed-loop system to unitize multiple loads over time.  

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Instead of going back into the city wastewater system, the wastewater created from Laminations’ printing process is reused in the manufacturing process, saving thousands of gallons of water each year. There is also no heat used in the laminating process, eliminating the need for energy use, and helping our company increase energy efficiency.  

All paperboard packaging products are made from recycled fiber, approximately 80% of which is post-consumer waste. Some edge protection products use co-mingled materials and must be sent to a landfill for disposal. All Laminations products are 100% recyclable ad are easy to dispose of in existing recycling systems. 

Revenue – The Economic Benefits of Sustainable Packaging 
Laminations is compliant with U.S. Green Building Council Initiatives. We feature strategically located plant locations to serve customers in every area of the United States expediently and cost-effectively, reducing fuel consumption during the shipping process.  

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Laminations is committed to helping our customers identify and select the most appropriate environmentally responsible packaging solutions.  

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