Why Use Custom Engineered Solutions

Corner and edge protection materials

Choosing the appropriate corner and edge protection materials for shipping your products is crucial. No matter what you’re selling, the available solutions seem endless. Using a custom engineered solution can help ensure your products make it to the end-user undamaged.

With a wide variety of custom packaging options available, it can be difficult to decide which type of protection is best. Here are three benefits of using a custom engineered solution:

Solve Packaging Problems
Packaging may seem like the least of your worries in the manufacturing process, and may often be overlooked, but without consistent and reliable packaging your product won’t make it to the customer undamaged. By using a custom engineered solution, you can ensure your corner and edge protection packaging was designed to fit your specific product, reducing the amount of damage that can happen in transit.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty & Brand Reputation
The first impression of your company comes from the packaging. If your product is arriving in a damaged box, which most likely will result in a damaged product, there is an immediate distaste from the end user and ultimately could impact your customer loyalty. By choosing a custom engineered solution you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve taken the right steps to reduce the amount of damage that can happen in transit and help strengthen your customer loyalty. Afterall, loyal customers are returning customers.

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Lower Packaging costs
Offering custom engineered solutions not only can help solve your packaging problems and strengthen your customer loyalty but can also help you lower your packaging costs.  By designing a custom engineered solution, you can reduce or eliminate filler needed on the inside of your packaging, or the need to over box, which can result in lowering your packaging costs.

Our diverse packaging options allow us to provide custom solutions for products of nearly any size and shape. Not only can the Great Northern Laminations® team help develop a custom engineered solution, but we can also test it in our certified ISTA® 6 test lab to determine if your packages are optimally designed to stand up to the potential conditions and hazards that could be encountered in transit.

Learn more about our custom engineered packaging solutions or contact our in-house team of packaging engineers to get started today.

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