SURECrate® Makes Shipping Easy and Affordable for SmithFly Fishing Boats

The Challenge

SmithFly, a company that allows fishermen to curate their own gear based on their needs, sells items from vest packs to bags to inflatable rafts. Shipping heavy and bulky items such as rafts to e-commerce customers became an expensive problem. The wooden crates used for shipping were difficult to assemble and unreliable, and the quality of the material was inconsistent.

The Solution

Material Material

Made from 100% recycled paperboard and 100% recyclable

Efficiency Efficiency

Lightweight and easy to store, assemble and remove

Strength Strength

Holds hundreds to thousands of pounds

Custom Fit Custom-Fit

Custom-fit to protect products of almost any size, shape, or weight

Your Brand Here Your Brand Here

Custom-printed packaging

The Bottom Line

Laminations’ SURECrate solution shaved 100 lbs off the overall weight of the raft package. Not only was the package lighter and smaller, it was also safer. And, Laminations replaced the splinters with printed SmithFly branding, making a great impression on customers. That’s how Laminations helped SmithFly win.

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