Industry Trends

The report(s) available in this section highlight current industry trends, forecasts and the competitive landscape affecting your customer. This information will provide valuable insights to share with your customer.

Major Household Appliance Manufacturing in the US

Get an in-depth look into the Major Household Appliance Manufacturing industry.

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Sheet Metal, Window & Door Manufacturing in the US

Get an in-depth look into the Sheet Metal, Window & Door Manufacturing industry.

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Sales Approach & Discovery Questions

Our recommended sales approach contains questions to think about before your call, as well as questions to determine the most ideal Laminations packaging solution for your customer.

Pre-Call Planning

Typically when packaging Appliances and Electronics we a have seen success with these Laminations products: VBoard, VGuard, NothBoard, PalletTop and SURCrate/SUREContainer. Before we look at those images, here are a few images of what you might see utilizing other packaging materials.

Additional Pre-Call Tips

Before making a call it is helpful to understand if the customer is producing, assembling and packaging the products or if they are refurbishing and then packaging the product. Having knowledge of this information impacts the solution you will consider.

For a Production Facility:

For a production facility, you will likely be looking to provide a standard package to be used in high volumes.

Common solutions include VBoard and VGuard. Fewer skus, larger volumes.

For a Refurbishing Facility:

For a refurbishing facility it is more likely to use a custom package, something that may need a little more flexibility.

Often times NotchBoard or PalletTop are the solutions used. More skus, lower volumes.

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Interested in Qualifying Questions?

Current Materials

  • What are current materials used? (Corrugated, Strapping, Foam etc.)
  • Are there materials they want to eliminate?
  • Are there materials they like?


  • Do they use stretch wrap machine or hand applied?
  • Are they using any type of a bander? Auto, semi-automatic, or manual?
  • Is there an opportunity for an equipment sale?

Product Sizes

  • Are they packaging a standard or custom sized product?
  • Do they have multiple packaging lines?

Distribution Method

  • How’s it being shipped and stored?
  • What type of equipment do they use to move product internally?
  • What type of equipment do they use to ship / deliver product to the customer?
    • Is it offloaded by hand at the job site?
    • Is it loaded into a van, truck, or trailer at a store?

Appliances & Electronics – Objections/Counterpoints

When discussing a Laminations solution with your customer, you may encounter resistance to trying something new. Remember that in most cases, Laminations products can save time AND reduce the cost of packaging and shipping without compromising protection. View this video to inform you on the questions and objections that may come up and how you can address them.


Watch out Edge Protection Insights Webinar Series Operation Wood Replacement

This short webinar will teach you the best practices that will help your customers move away from the pitfalls of using wood crating to ship bulky, heavy, and valuable products. We’ll also discuss how to spot opportunities in the marketplace.

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