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ISTA 6 Packaging Testing Lab at Great NorthernCheck out our extensive library of video content related to our protective packaging solutions.

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Laminations Overview – Protective Packaging Solutions

See how Great Northern Laminations provides great service, great solutions, and great reliability when it comes to protective packaging.

ISTA 6 Testing Lab Overview

Our in-house certified ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) technicians can test and certify packages and fully loaded pallets to pre-determine if packages are optimally designed to withstand the rigors of the supply chain and if design modifications are needed. Our test equipment simulates drops, compression, impacts, and vibration. Watch our overview video to learn more.

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ISTA Lab Video Series – Bridge Impact Test / Fishing Pole

With packaging solutions like UCrate®, Laminations can help you ensure products reach their destination safe, secure, and ready for use. Watch this video below to see how UCrate® stood up to the test in our ISTA® 6 certified lab.

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ISTA Lab Video Series – Planters / Vibration Test


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E-Commerce Pallet to Parcel Revolution

This short webinar will teach you about e-commerce packaging trends, innovations, and best practices. You will also learn how to spot opportunities in the marketplace.

Operation Wood Replacement

This short webinar will teach you the best practices that will help your customers move away from the pitfalls of using wood crating to ship bulky, heavy, and valuable products. We’ll also discuss how to spot opportunities in the marketplace.

Great Northern Laminations – VBoard 101

This short video training will give you an overview on how to sell one of the most versatile packaging products – VBoard® Edge Protection.

In this video training you will learn:

  1. What is VBoard Edge Protection?
  2. What are the benefits of using VBoard?
  3. How do you spot opportunities in the market?
  4. Cost and time savings compared to other packaging solutions

And much more! You will leave with the knowledge to sell this proven protective package and pallet solution.

Common Questions and Objections to Laminations’ Solutions

When discussing a Laminations solution with your customer, you may encounter resistance to trying something new. Remember that in most cases, Laminations products can save time AND reduce the cost of packaging and shipping without compromising protection. View this video to inform you on the questions and objections that may come up and how you can address them.

Laminations SURECrate™ Custom Engineered Solution

The SURECrate™ Custom Engineered Solution is a comprehensive, turnkey alternative that offers all-around protection and stacking strength for large or irregular-shaped products. It’s ideal for any heavy or hard-to-box items and is a superior choice to wood crating. Made from the same 100% recycled laminated paperboard materials as all Laminations® products, each SURECrate Custom Engineered Solution is a complete engineered system that is customized to the precise needs of each situation.

The SURECrate™ Custom Engineered Solution is perfect for protecting any large, heavy and hard to-box product, whether it’s being shipped across town or around the world. SURECrate is ideal for products like: recreational vehicles, motorcycles, lawn tractors, generators and machine components.

Selling in a Covid-19 World: The Emerging Furniture Market

Overnight, we have seen shopping behaviors change. New habits are being formed and consumer products companies are adjusting their strategies to these new challenges. To help you thrive in this new environment, Laminations is offering a series of webinars that will provide valuable information to sell in this world.

This short webinar will teach you about three main segments of customer opportunities within this hot market, the best solutions for these big, bulky and expensive products, and more.

Great Northern Laminations – SUREContainer Assembly

SUREContainer is an ergonomic Alternative to Wood, Bulk and Gaylord Containers. SUREContainer™ is an innovative packaging and storage solution that provides a more ergonomical and safer way for workers to efficiently load contents within a large container.

Packaging Growth Markets: Window and Door

One of the largest opportunity segments for packaging edge protection is in Windows and Doors. You will learn about trends in the industry, where to find opportunities, common packaging pitfalls leading to product damage, edge protection solutions, and more!

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