Display Ready

VBoard® corner and edge protectors and stretch film combine to easily create secure, appealing display-ready pallets. VBoard products are manufactured with such accuracy, precision and uniformity that that they can be used on high-speed automated pallet assembly systems with stretch film, without the need for additional packaging. This makes them an ideal complement to a see-through or clear packaging system and a great option for club store pallet packaging.

Laminations products often used with display-ready package systems include:

QuikStik® adhesive corner and edge protection streamlines your palletizing, banding and loading processes through a proprietary adhesive surface on either the inside or outside of its legs that allows the protector to stay in place temporarily—giving you enough time to wrap or band your pallet.

PF PalletTop® pre-formed edge and corner protectors can be used to hold corner posts in place on display-ready pallets for greater ease in unitizing and stretch wrapping. They are designed to stay in place without manual assistance on automated stretch- and shrink-wrapping operations.

VBoard is ideal for a variety of display-ready packaging applications, providing edge and corner protection and support.

Mega VBoard® offers ideal protection for irregular-shaped, large or delicate furniture and shelving during shipment, handling and storage. It is available in sizes up to 9″ x 9″ (2″ leg minimum) or custom offset leg lengths, with standard length extension to 300″ or longer in custom applications.

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