Corner Protection for Loading Pallets

VBoard® corner and edge pallet protective packaging products deter costly damage to the edges of stacked products while also providing stiffness and support for better stacking strength in pallet loads. In addition, they ensure stabilization and load containment for products that don’t nest efficiently and uniform weight distribution for stronger, more secure palletized loads. When used with stretch wrap, shrink film or automated pallet assembly systems, VBoard helps produce display-ready pallets for use in club stores and other retail environments.

Some of the most commonly used edge protectors and corner guards for traditional pallet loads include:

PF PalletTop® paperboard pallet top protectors are a convenient, cost-effective solution to guard edges along the tops and bottoms of palletized product loads.

VBoard® provides corner and edge protection with minimal packaging materials, decreasing product damage and increasing cost savings for pallet load shipping and storage.

Mega VBoard® is available in sizes up to 9″ x 9″ (2″ leg minimum) or custom offset leg lengths, with standard length extension to 300″ or longer in custom applications. It offers ideal corner and edge protection for irregular-shaped, large or delicate furniture and shelving during shipment, handling and storage.

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